Saturday 24 November 2012

K-Day with the heat full on

Tuesday 20th November to Saturday 24th November 2012

Kitchen D-Day had been approaching for a little while now and the final push to clear out the cupboards and ready the boat for the kitchen work to start was in clear evidence.

The best thing that I could do was stay out of the way, with laptop open and in high gear and keep the head down.

Containers of cans and tins as well as saucepans and pots in the cratch area; the bath was filling fast with things that we would most likely not need for a little while (at least we hope we won’t need them) – now where exactly did we put the dog – just have to follow the whimpering noises.

Coupled with all of this and the reason why it was being readied on Tuesday was that Diane had doctor’s appointments down in Watford for Thursday and needed to travel down on Wednesday – coming back on Friday.

a view of the marina in full sunshine - we have had some good
weather even at this time of the year

Phone call from Mike to confirm that he was arriving on Wednesday evening; Diane departed on the train early afternoon – oooh a few hours to myself and time to finish my work.
Sunshine and country lanes - perfect walking conditions

still more of the same...

Think again young Ray – no sooner had I got back on the boat than a phone call from Ed Shiers – our Mykuni heater was on its way back to be re-installed – we would be having heat again tonight.

He showed me the state of the flame tube which governs the efficiency of the heating and fullness of the burn of the diesel – there was some serious deterioration of the metal and some serious cracking as well – even to the untrained eye I could tell that is was not in pristine condition.

When it was fully reinstalled, it was considerably quieter (even with the engine bay open); there was absolutely no smoke whatsoever; and certainly was heating up the inside the boat very well indeed.

In the time since the reinstallation, we have experienced the benefit of the improved efficiency and without smoke and noise – well done Ed.
Before the renovations begin

This has become too narrow for moving
between the kitchen and lounge

There was some need early on to check, double-check and triple-check calculations with work-top measurements; oven positioning, pantry dimensions – all just to make sure that we knew that we had everything correct before doing the final ordering of units and worktop.
lazy bones

the taller than normal fridge to be incorporated

After all of this Mike was into it and had quickly removed the cupboards and other woodwork where shortly the positioning of the oven and the fridge would be renewed.

There was an evolving plan as Mike went along of the timing of things to be done and we reached lunch on the first day (with no wickets down) it became self-evident that a trip to B&Q was necessary - to place the final order for cabinets (and other pieces) for delivery as well as pick up the first two cabinets – so a little later (about afternoon tea time – still no wickets down) – we were off to Meir Park B&Q – a mighty big place.

A final bit of work to move the gas pipework, from the stove, into place and that was the end to a very productive day.
Mike hard at work - the pipe is for gas supply to the oven

plenty of time for a laugh

it is taking shape

one clear bulk head

Day 2 emerged and more careful planning before launching into it all – the planned opening up of the dividing wall between the kitchen and the lounge gave a feel and look that we had hoped for – just so much more open but retaining some separation between the two areas; after this the second bulkhead was built; oven shelf in place and insulation for behind the new fridge position and final fixing of the pipework.

Removing the washing machine out of its normal hibernating place and reviewing the water pipes behind it all.

The secret is all in the planning and reviewing and amending.
Parisien Star coming back into the marina after a pumpout and
diesel fill - note the expert control from Mick (further directions
from Elly)

Maintaining that full control over the situation - gently
pivoting off the opposite pontoon and easing Parisien Star
back into the mooring slot

Saturday has been a bit “exciting” – we took a long walk into Stone to pick up some things that we needed – leaving Mike to do what he does best – I think that is the carpentry (not the singing along to the radio) – and so we could see the expected change in full once we returned.

Not disappointed at all – the fridge and oven in place – and they were working – just as we envisaged it to be.
Fridge and oven both in place.

and a little more open to the lounge

The two cabinets have now been built in readiness for the removal of the remainder of the existing kitchen – it also means the hob being disconnected; the sink being disconnected and the new cabinets to be put in place – all of this is for tomorrow and as we all know – tomorrow is another day.

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