Sunday, 24 March 2013

A pub crawl of sorts

Saturday 23rd March 2013

2 Miles – today

Totals: 1461 Miles, 1186 Locks, 4 Tunnels, 24 Lift Bridges, 96 Swing Bridges

Saturday started off very much like Friday ended – there had been overnight snow; the wind was not letting up; the heater was working and I am sure that we had no intention of moving – let me re-phrase that – Diane had no intention of moving – for me it was time to walk the dog and when Dot and Gordon knocked and asked did we want anything at the shop, I was despatched to maintain the investment in milk futures – oh and also to get the weekend paper.

We trekked through snow and waist deep mud to get there – I may have exaggerated about the depth of the mud – ankle deep was probably more accurate; and the return trip was interrupted by much needed sustenance – it was a quiet little pub with a friendly atmosphere.

We had had an annoying incident earlier on with boats moving – the first was quite gentle as it nudged us – the cross wind was a bit fierce – the second boat decided as they were right along side and gunnel-to-gunnel that they would fire up the engine to mach 3 – accelerate the boat to cause more scraping and take the fender with you as well – I was less than pleased and no sign of any apology at all – we will find you!!

So after the return from the expedition to the frozen tundra, there seemed to be some agreement that going the short distance to Congleton would stand us in good stead for Sunday and Bosley; so we were off and apart from a couple hairy moments all was fine – we moored up in the basin and later trudged down to the pub for some well earned refreshments – maybe a couple too many for me as when I returned, dinner awaited and after that the room went blank until I was woken 2 hours later on – it had been an exhausting day.

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