Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Back to Winter

Thursday 7th March to Monday 11th March 2013

It seems that as soon as we have set foot back in the place the weather has decided to make us forget about the perfect weather that we have had and subject us all to a (hopefully) last blast of winter – this time the cold was even more intensified by the strength of the wind.

The conditions were such that the very last place anyone wanted to be was on the other side of the inside. We were very cosy out of the wind and away from anything resembling fresh air.

At least I was happy to stay where I was but it appeared that we were in “desparate” need of provisions – down to our last 4 gallons of milk and last side of beef – we had a space in the freezer and also in the fridge; the outdoor fresh food locker was a little below the top, so what did we absolutely desperately need to do – that’s right – go and shop.

It was not just to buy a few things – the trolley came back bulging as were the other two bags we carried – I was dragged along as was poor Banjo – although he would follow Diane anywhere, anytime – I am sure that he could have dragged the trolley along and I could have remained warm.

Anyway he had a vested interest – we really did need to get some dog food for him.

The weekend came and there was no respite from the conditions – I felt a bit like a postman (just couldn’t find one) – neither snow nor rain nor sleet nor anything else below 0C would stop me being sent out for the weekend papers – just had to make sure that I had made the coffee for her and that she was comfy in bed before I left – the dog wasn’t too keen about going but my attitude was if I had to go so was he.

The last Monday afternoon coffee meeting went ahead – it was actually not too bad inside the hut – if the door was closed tight.

Paul and Elaine put in an appearance – they moored above the lock on their way back from Stafford Boat Club after blacking the boat – so good to see them and of course Bombo and Sammy.

I forgot to put this in the blogs about our trip to Brugge. 

The hotel toilets for the women were being renovated whilst we were there and so they had arranged for the male toilets to be used by both sexes – now obviously there are more places to use in a male toilet than a women can usually or wish to use.

I needed to use the facilities whilst there so thought nothing of it until I opened the main door and there was one of our travelling party waiting for a cubicle – she said that there was a little bit of a wait, to which I replied that I only needed to use the urinal – it must have got very warm in there as  sudden reddish colour came to her face and she asked if I wanted her to step out – I replied that it didn’t concern me at all. I got on with what I needed to do – to great relief as well.

When I had finished and turned around I found that she had gone – I am sure that I was discreet enough and in any event she would only have felt sorry for Diane.

After washing and drying my hands I exited and found her outside with another woman – they made their way to the door and this second woman’s husband had now joined them, to whom she said “John, I don’t think  that you are going to be comfortable with this.”

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