Friday, 8 March 2013

Another solution - maybe?

Friday 1st March 2013

We had been having a chat on Thursday with Andy and Jean on nb Josephine and they told us about a small heater that they had purchased for their wardrobe where there is a corner with a bit of moisture and dampness in it.

They showed what they had bought – a tubular heater – 120W/240V/120cm, which then got us thinking about some areas where we wanted to introduce a bit of heat, so it was on to the web to investigate and within an hour we had ordered and paid for 3 of the 60W/240V/60cm type as well as a guard for one – and to be delivered – all for under ₤60.

We were in Stone to pick up a package from Diane’s mum and she casually enquired if there was one for me – and yes there was – great service – order delivered next day and the picture below shows them.

3 tubular heaters and guard

As this post is a now a week later, we have installed two of them and whilst they do not give off huge amounts of heat, they do give off enough thay we feel it may solve the problem(s) and without using too much power either.

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