Friday, 1 March 2013

Au Revoir

Thursday 28th February 2013

It is a sad fact about this boating life that like life, boats also move on and as you come towards the end of winter, one-by-one each of us will start to go our separate ways - some will be cruising all through until next winter; others will be in and out; and still more may not move at all.

But it is for certain that the group that comes together before Xmas and spends months together enjoying the company of each other will not be the same group ever again; but it doesn't mean that we won't see each other again - some we will see vey quickly and other maybe not for a few years.

all we can contemplate is how many will be gone next year -
but it's such a lovely sunny day we'll not be concerned about it
for now

This one is enjoying the sunny weather

In full wingspan

Anticipation of their cruise

Today we watched and waved as Elaine and Paul (nb Caxton aka nb Manly Ferry) were off for a cruise - admittedly to have the boat blacked - doing the job themselves - good luck - this will be the last time we see you so clean for a while.

All the crew accounted for - the cats were still inside

Goodbye for now

almost disappeared

As we each cruise away from our winter-jailer we should just say Au Revoir - for we will meet again

It is only about 10 days until we will be off ourselves - but we have a few days away before all of that - we are very much looking forward to trip this week - a country that we have not been to before.

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