Friday, 22 March 2013

Little girls with red shoes excepted

Friday 22nd March 2013

No movement today

When I say no movement today I mean that we remained moored in the same place as yesterday – there was some movement today.

I read in The Age ( online that north-eastern Victoria had experienced a tornado – around the Rutherglen/Yarrawonga area (good wines from here); Diane’s parents had experienced one in Bundaberg a month or so ago (and were without power for a couple of days) – well we didn’t quite make the tornado class but the boat was rocking and rolling – I guess they all were around us.

The wind came up last night and continued throughout the night and was really quite incredibly strong – especially as it was side onto us – the mobile weather centre (Diane’s phone) indicating about 100 km/h.

When I looked out this morning I was greeted by a white vista – the wind was accompanied by snow and the two together made for swirling snow, boat moving and the flag about to fly off.

It appeared to us that we really weren’t in Kansas anymore.
winter wonderland on the 2nd day of spring

another first for us - first snow whilst we have been out

and yet more of it

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