Saturday, 30 March 2013

Snow, Sun and then more Snow

Tuesday 26th March to Wednesday 27th March 2013

7 Miles during this period

Totals: 1477 Miles, 1198 Locks, 47 Tunnels, 24 Lift Bridges, 97 Swing Bridges

The girls were off on shopping trip on Tuesday – off to Stoke to retrieve a credit card left behind – would have been cheaper to just leave it there.

Still that left Gordon and I with our individual lists of instructions on what we had to do in their absence – a form of peace and quiet – but all the time this omnipresence looking over to make sure we aren’t slacking off to the pub – although we did get messages to say that the two of them were in Wetherspoons.

We got everything done – even had a chance to visit the local farm shop – very nice local produce – the fridge and freezer are a bit fuller with some pies and bacon.

Not long after the return to the boat following a cuppa with Dot and Gordon the message came through that Paul and Elaine (nb Caxton) were aboard so we were back with D&G to catch up with Paul and Elaine on how they were after a week or so in Macclesfield.

One thing led to another and we decided to venture off to the Sutton Hall – which was apparently an old estate house turned into a pub – just across the canal via the bridge about 200m back.

It is a huge place with at least 10 or so large rooms converted into a pub – tables and chairs everywhere – you could well cast yourself back 100 years and see the way it would have been – without the bar.

A couple of drinks in here and we needed to be off – P&E back to the boat – a medical test in the morning for Paul meant he had to start the fasting.

For the remaining four of us ….
Tuesday night was Curry and Pie night at the Old King’s Head so we couldn’t miss out on that.

When we had been through in 2008 this pub has been closed down and as we were to learn during the evening a young couple had purchased it and reopened the pub – it was not going to listed in Vogue for its interior décor but then it shouldn’t try to be – it gives the feel of a country pub and with what seemed like a good number of regulars as well as visitors like us it will surely do quite well.

The food was good quality and plenty of it – no complaints from any of us.

We were wanting to move on Wednesday – the grey tank needed some attention and the diesel tank also – as well as that we felt the need to start getting some effort done on shortening the distance that we still needed to travel to Liverpool – it is a couple of weeks away but with canals freezing and the like it made sense to try and get to Marple for at least the weekend.

So we were off reasonably early – being farewelled by D&;G – early going was quite good – apart from the snow – which started light and then it seemed like a blizzard arrived – we know it wasn’t – or should I say I knew it wasn’t – someone else had disappeared below – Diane had started to develop a cold and we didn’t want it getting worse with her being outside – she seemed happy to obey orders for a change.

goodbye guys - see you soon

Once through Macclesfield the snow stopped, a bit of sun came out and it was really quite enjoyable cruising along – still cold but the appearance of the sun seemed to make it a whole lot better – no wind certainly helped.

somewhere under here is the towath - and maybe walkers buried
without supplies
Just after Bollington the snow reappeared as well as some wind – we had decided to head towards Four Lane Ends and to Lyme View Marina for a pumpout and diesel – we achieved this but found it a bit inconvenient that they didn’t accept a credit card – after-all this is a marina and I am sure that there would be some who would be paying their fees in this manner – no – cash only – it isn’t bloody Cyrpus !!!

Anyway, it was lucky that we had the necessary notes on us or else Diane would have been scrubbing boats clean for a week or so.

We find that after a reasonable day, when you finally do pull in, the tiredness seems to descend so we moored up opposite the marina – on rings – simply happy to put the hood up; the aerial up; and the feet up as well – end of the day.

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