Thursday, 11 April 2013

Closing In

Thursday 11th April 2013

7 miles, 5 swing bridges for today

Totals: 1541 Miles, 1249 Locks, 50 Tunnels, 26 Lift Bridges, 108 Swing Bridge

The weather reports didn’t give any good news about cruising for today – won’t be sunny; certainly won’t be warm; expect a bit of rain and more in the afternoon.

We had been down this section of the canal before, and so we knew what to expect, so we decided that we would head off early, which we did.

It is a day of swing bridges; stopping traffic; slow travel, but in the end it went very very well – in 3 hours we had moved down from Haskayne to Bridge 10 and moored up.

We have found it best to moor just before Bridge 10 for the night before going into Liverpool – it provides a better view; better TV and closer to the pub – The Bootle Arms.

There are a couple of other boats moored back a bit, but will be making the trip in tomorrow.

We only spotted one boat coming out of Liverpool today – so the expectation is that it is pretty quiet in there.

Lunch was agreed to be at the pub today – and their 2 for 1 offer was good in itself, but the food was just great; we even indulged in dessert.

The weather did as we were told it would and so we were nice and cosy inside enjoying the cold being outside.

So here we are ready for tomorrow; ready for the dive down the weedhatch; and ready for the experience again!

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