Thursday, 25 April 2013

Going up in the world

Tuesday 23rd April 2013 (St.George’s Day)

It isn’t like St.Patrick’s Day at all – in fact if it wasn’t for the many flags of St.George that start to appear a few days beforehand you would not even know.

As a national day for England it does appear a bit flat.

Today was tower day – not the off with their heads tower – but the radio city tower that hovers above the central area.

Just a fiver to go for views of the city that you really can’t get anywhere else.

We were escorted by a nice young man who gave us the rundown on the brief history of the tower – originally it was going to be the ventilation shaft for an underground garage and then after that didn’t proceed it was changed mid-build to incorporate a revolving restaurant, which did eventuate but closed down due to health and safety concerns.

if you are queasy about heights - look away now

St. Georges' Hall - an appropriate day to be looking down on this

Lime Street railway station (on the right)

Now it has been transformed into radio studios, but the views of the city always remained.
a new career beckons

We also visited the superlambanana again - this time for Paul

and one or Mitch - an Irish pub all on it's own - in the middle of Liverpool

We had had an email from Richard (nb Pendle Warter) whom we know from Aston Marina -  he would be in Liverpool today and were we available to catch up for a drink - always Richard and very happy indeed we were to see you

We have to report that there was an escape attempt from Ferndale, but pleased tobe able to say that it was thwarted and the culprit is back under boat detention

we suspected something was up when kangaroo wanted to go
outside for some sun - completely out of character for him

but he made a break for it - he has been practising his swimming
in private - we didn't even know he could do this

the wind took him away from his intended escape route and we
were there to close in

closer and closer he got - not at all happy about
the impending capture, he turned his back on
it all.
Kangaroo is safely back in the boat and will be closely watched in future!!

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