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Wednesday 17th April 2013

The booking had been made through the TIC at the docks and we were looking forward to it – a was in fact National Trust meets The Beatles.

A chance to see through the childhood homes of John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

Obediently we all assembled at the nominated point; the driver duly arrived and checked us off and we boarded the mini-bus – just a maximum of 15 people.

We were not permitted to take cameras, bags or coats through either of the houses – Health and Safety was the reason – but in reality it was that they didn’t want photographs taken; anything broken by swinging bags and coats and didn’t want anything knicked.

Our first stop was to Mendips – where John Lennon grew up with his aunt and uncle.

It was a sizeable house in a good area – very much middle class; but not without tragedy which seem to follow famous people – his uncle, who had become his father-figure dies when John was only 15.

Outside "Mendips" - where John Lennon grew up
A large garden was also part of the property and much of the interior was as it would have been during the 1950’s.

Next we took the short trip around to Paul’s house – in a traditional working class area – council house – and very much different.

Paul McCartney's house in the 50's and early 60's
Paul, like John, experienced tragedy with his mother dying when Paul was only 14.

Here it seemed that even in that adversity, his father was supportive of the musical talents of the young Paul.

We heard about many of the times when both of these to-be-famous people would get together, instruments in hand and work together on songs which we all know today.

George Harrison came in through his friendship with Paul.

It was quite a windy day today and we were blown along as we tried to walk back to the boat after being dropped back at the docks.

Later in the day we caught up with Elaine and Paul and went in search of a few pubs for a drink – O'Neill’s was not quite right, but across the road. The Empire hit the spot and about 3 hours later we walked back after an enjoyable time – and we hadn’t over-imbibed.

By that time the wind had got up – it was incredibly strong and blowing us all over the place – what a night we were in for.

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