Thursday, 18 April 2013

Problems with wind !!

Thursday 18th April 2013

What a night it was last night – we were certainly rocking and rolling – the weather information was saying wind gusting up to 96 km/h and it felt every bit like that.

It was a difficult night to sleep and I was outside a couple of times to make sure the ropes were OK and to move some fenders around after we lost a tyre – and to stop the boat banging against the pontoon.

Fortunately we didn’t lose anything from the top of the boat; sensibly I put the TV aerial down to stop that being lost.

When daylight came the wind had died down quite a lot but it wasn’t until nearly lunch time that it felt calmer – at least inside the boat.

When we did venture out for a walk, to go to Boots to make sure that they had received Diane’s prescriptions from her doctor in Watford (they had), the wind really caught us again – still not as bad as last night but it meant we travelled a lot faster with it than against it.

The sun was out again and it was pleasant with it coming in through the windows.

We have noticed that the boat is considerably warmer these days and the heater is only coming on for about an hour in the morning – just enough for hot water for the day.

We did learn something new today – when the washing machine stopped suddenly mid-cycle – it wasn’t the power (plenty on the meter); it wasn’t any switches tripped out; there wasn’t a reset needed on the machine – Diane was checking every thing and then turned the sink tap on – no water – the tank was empty (we had been getting ready to fill up – now just a little sooner).

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