Thursday, 25 April 2013

Days out and in for the football

Sunday 21st April to Monday 22nd April 2013

Sunday wasn't a day up to the usual weather standards we had become used to – rain had appeared during the early morning and decided to hang around for a bit, so we weren’t in too much of a hurry to be going anywhere.

Diane thought that a re-visit to the Maritime Museum might be worth a look, but we quickly decided that as we had seen this before we would be quickly be bored and it came to pass that that was true.

We wandered around the docks a bit before returning to the boat, but it was already early afternoon.

A snap of brilliance ensued and we headed off to Liverpool One – to the Sports Bar we thought, there is some interesting football on this afternoon and so there was and so we stayed in The Bierkellar – why hadn’t we discovered this earlier.

We managed to find seats and a little while later the other occupant of the table had decided to leave – so we had the whole table.

In the meantime Tottenham had scored 3 goals in 7 minutes to take the match against Man City 3-1; things were looking good for United the following night.

There were a few people who left, but mainly there was an influx and the whole area was pretty crowded – Diane had already texted to Paul and Elaine about it and they were soon there and had brought Leonie and Ray along with them.

There were sat to see the Liverpool v Chelsea game (I was hoping for a draw – and it eventuated).

The atmosphere was incredible – a bit like being at the match only with plenty of beer.

Monday had been pencilled into the diary to visit Port Sunlight and then onto Chester for a short visit.

Leonie and Ray decided to join us and after an initial setback where we missed the disembarkation from the ferry at Woodside we continued by train.

built in Australia - one day we will get on it to go to the Isle of Man

Banjo didn't cope too well with the ferry
Port Sunlight was the site of the first planned factory for Lever Brothers and their soap manufacture, but more than this it was a design village with housing for all of the workers as well as activities and buildings for the leisure of the people who lived there.

We had previously seen other such benevolent outlooks from the factory owners but this was the first that went as far as it did – with an emphasis on people being able to get a formal education; being able to better themselves; living in a village, not like a terrace house environment but with space and generous surrounds and backyards to be able to properly relax. All of the houses are different – a similar design, but the exteriors are different giving a peaceful feel to everything – something you can experience even today.

not your average workers cottages

lovely and open

The same ticket that covered our doomed ferry ride and the train to Port Sunlight allowed us to go through to Chester – a place we have visited many times and one that we especially like – but it was a first for Leonie and Ray.

Along the towpath down to the three-rise staircase locks and a short walk along the walls of the original city; down through the streets and along the rows; for us it ia a place that we do know so well and now a chance to show a small part – an appetiser – to others.

The deep cutting through solid rock - cut by hand

at the top of the three-rise staircase

classic Chester
Before long it was back on the train for the return journey to Liverpool; back to the docks; and a chance to relax before we were back to the Bierkellar for the big match – Man United v Aston Villa – would the title race be over after the 90 minutes.

It was over inside 38 minutes with a RVP hat-trick – a 3-0 win, a 20th title, all the pressure now off.

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  1. You seem to have packed loads of good stuff into your stay in Liverpool - makes me really look forward to when we can do it ourselves!