Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Liverpool - The Sunshine capital

Saturday 13th April to Tuesday 16th April 2013

No Travel

It has almost been just like summer since we have arrived – well I should say just like an English summer.

We awoke on Saturday to glorious blue skies and bright sunshine – the wind was still up a bit and just on the colder side but the sun more than made up for it.

by day
and by night

We had made up our minds before coming into Liverpool to see more National Trust properties and armed with information from Meagan (nb Moonshadow) we headed off to see The Hardmans’ House – all that we knew was that the Hardmans were photographers of renown.

Spread over 4 floors, it shows the lives of 2 people so devoted to their love of landscape photography and to the business of portrait photography that seemingly everything else is almost secondary – with it being such a new property to the National Trust collection and the habit of the Hardmans’ need to not throw anything out, there is a huge amount of information about the lives and lifestyle of these people and about the house – well worth a visit.

Before the tour of the house, we had walked about in bright full sunshine and when we emerged the skies had clouded over with that feeling of imminent rain, but we were relieved that it didn’t eventuate, although it was much colder without the sun.

Having been to Liverpool before we found it much easier navigating our way around and being able to see more places that we had missed last year – never-the-less we did need to go back to the boat for a bit of a rest (must be getting old) – by which time the predicted increase in wind strength appeared and we decided to stay put for a bit – only venturing out for a walk for Banjo around the docks.

Sunday was certainly the worst of the days, although it could hardly be described as a bad day – especially in view of the weather of the past month – but overcast conditions took any chance of any sunshine away and the occasional shower had us with coats on whenever we did venture out.

We were expecting Elaine and Paul in today – I must say I am glad that it was they and not us with the windy conditions. Elaine messaged us to say when they had escaped the last of the Stanley Locks, so we were off to capture the last part of their travels into the docks. We met them just as they came into Princes Lock and then onward to their mooring up.

nearly there

all smiles now that the hard part was over
After a chance to freshen up we were all off to lunch and then not much else for the rest of the day – it was not the best of the days so far here.

the ferry struggled in the wind as well
Monday redeemed the weather stakes – the sunshine was streaming in through the windows and it was so warm that we actually needed to close some of the curtains.

I had wanted to head off to Argos to pick up another cheap watch – I had smashed the last one on the second last lock of the Rochdale 9 in Manchester over a week ago and felt slightly less than fully clothed without one – although I had got into the habit of using the time on the phone – not the best thing to do when cruising.

But before that could happen we had to get a pumpout – by Diane’s calculations it was essentially full (meaning that we had another 3-4 days to go); so she rang the marina and they sent along the little boat to do a mobile pumpout – they guy pulled up alongside; passed the hose out; added a ₤1 to the meter; we did the pumpout and he was away in next to no time – and all for ₤10 – plus we have a extra 92p credit on the meter.

We will get another pumpout before we leave and if the diesel price is OK he can also do a mobile fill – how good is that? No tricky manoeuvring in these winds – everything done at the mooring.

Diane had wanted to get some more travel information and in the end we picked up some Saveaway tickets for the public transport system – unlimited travel on trains, buses and ferries – we have the intention of heading up to Crosbie and Southport sometime this week.

After that we had lunch out at The Slug and Lettuce – they have a 50% off offer on all food on Mondays – can’t pass that up.

Then it was back to the boat, walk the dog and I needed to get some work done – so that Diane could spend it all for me.

The bright sunny weather and mild air temperature continued way into the afternoon and early evening before it cooled slightly, but the weather this week definitely reminds of what the summer was like in 2011 – last year was just a bit of rubbish.

Maybe we have bypassed spring and headed straight to summer in April and by June/July it will be cold and raining again (like last year).

The weather stayed with us for Tuesday – bright skies, some clouds but warm with a cooling wind – sounds a bit like a weather report, which is exactly what it is.

the gulls here look bigger and meaner

..and the pigeons are nasty too - look at the dmage to that button
We decided to have a bit of a relaxing day – me doing some work and Diane shopping – I was enjoying getting some work out of the way – did I say relaxing day – mmm!!

Ever since I had laid the tiles in the kitchen it had been difficult to keep them clean – anyone suggesting white on the floor in a boat with a dog should be committed. It was nigh on impossible and when we were in Stoke we bought some new flooring – a timber effect – I had a couple of hours spare, at least it was suggested to me that I did, and it would be nice to get a job from the list out of the way – what better way to be relaxed than relaying a kitchen floor.

At least it is now done and I definitely look forward to my next relaxed moment – I’m keeping quiet when that happens!


  1. Hi both glad your making the most of the nice weather we are on a different planet here not seen much Sun south of brum enjoy your stay stay safe

  2. Hi Roly
    hope that you and Bev are both well - we have enjoyed some beautiful sunshine here in Liverpool - thoroughly enjoying our time here again.