Saturday, 20 April 2013


Saturday 20th April 2013

A day of rest and relaxation after a late night – you must be joking – Saturday has become maintenance day; so after a bit of a sleep-in; a late breakfast and a later brunch after some shopping at Tesco, it was overalls on, get the vacuum cleaner out (for she) and the engine bay was opened up.

Check the batteries; oil level; radiator check; gear oil check – all OK; no water in the water separator.

But the rear seal gland needed some adjustment and there was a bit of water/glycol in the bilge – presumably from some of the work done on the diesel heater by Ed earlier this month and some of the overflow from the calorifier.

There was about 10 litres of water overall which took a little time to clean out.

The bilge floor looked better; spread out a bag of new kitty litter below the engine block.

We had a chance to catch up some more with Leonie and Ray.

Whilst most of the engine bay work was being done, Diane was busy rearranging the lounge and sorting out some of the accumulated things that needed find other places to be.

It took most of the afternoon to finish it all, but it is all done and very glad we are – so time for a bit of a rest; put up the feet; and fall asleep in front of the TV.

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