Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Bridge - a new horror story

Wednesday 10th April 2013

6 mile, 2 swing bridges for today

Totals: 1534 Miles, 1249 Locks, 50 Tunnels, 26 Lift Bridges, 103 Swing Bridges

Today we were up against our nemesis – Crabtree Swing Bridge – we have been through this bridge 6 times last year and I think on only one occasion did we manage to get through without any hassles – on at least two of those times we needed to call BW/CRT to come out and reset the bridge and open it for us.

So to overcome any potential problems we decided to set off early – firstly watering up and then to meet the beast of a bridge.

I crept up slowly on it – hoping that it wouldn’t see me; quietly slipped the BW key into the lock, turned it carefully – and it kept on turning around and around,

A look at the screen and “Bridge Failed” – aaaarrrgggh!!! – damn bridge – it spotted me.

Diane moored the boat and said “let me have a look at it” – there you go bridge – now you have brought it all upon yourself – she will set forth on you – watch out bridge.

The look of determination on her face disappeared - damn it – the bridge won again – so it was a phone call to report it and a return call to say we had a 40 minute wait – time for a cuppa.

Right on time, a tap on the window, and the bridge had met it’s match – there you go – you play up and we’ll call in the big boys.

Minutes later and we were through with a friendly goodbye and a “See you here when we come back”

This is a lovely length of canal to cruise and just cruise – down to Haskayne where we moored up at midday and settled in for lunch and a wait for Ed to arrive.

Diane saw a reasonable chance to get the other side of the boat washed and polished and in just an instant we now have a lovely shiny boat - on both sides

A bit more work completed; Ed arrived – Diane singing his praises and eagerly waiting for a warm boat.

True to form Ed found the problem – a very out-of-the-way resistor and relay problem – glad it was something difficult – it made me feel better that I would never have found it.

A little while later and Ed was away; the wallet was only a little lighter (including the cost of travelling) – wife was happy (and so was I) – and before long we were toasty warm.

Despite the bridge, today was a winner – tomorrow we move on to Bridge 10.

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