Saturday, 11 April 2015

As they say, she was known to Police...

Thursday 9th April to Friday 10th April 2015

The last part of our plan lay before us and an easy couple of miles interspersed with a few locks and we accomplished all of that pretty early, mooring up in a very sunny spot.

The panels were tilted and the power raced into the batteries.

One note of importance - Diane had control of Ferndale as we were rounding a few bends just after The Grove when we came upon a moored up widebeam and a fibreglass "widebeam" approaching - without any panic she calmly eased Ferndale between both and carried on - right shoes yet again!
We love the setting for this development

Widebeam meeting

This fellow was having plenty to say
The final two locks down to Cassiobury Park

We have come a fair way in the last 12 days - and this doesn't include the locks

Meanwhile, after a bit of work, we headed up to the town through the glorious Cassiobury Park. It was turning out to be a truly lovely sunny day and with it still being school holidays for many the park was serving its purpose.

We wanted to sort a couple of things with unlocking one of the phones and Diane had prescriptions to put in.

Costa beckoned with coffee and comfy chairs and after the long walk up the muscles were relishing the chance for a bit of relaxation -it had been a long week (or more) of locks and walking.

The pills were duly picked up and during the walk down the High Street I had noticed a couple of employment agencies which deserved further investigation, so on our return trip I ducked in to see each in turn whilst the GLW relaxed a bit more.

Arrangements were made to come back with full documentation - so then we headed back to the boat.

The first appearance of the large fold-up chair onto the towpath was made - probably just in the nick of time to stop it being traded at a refuse centre for a bag of beans.

Whilst Diane further relaxed and was supplied with coffee - not much changes from earlymorning to late afternoon - I had a chance to finish off the day's work.

Just a bit of television and we were both pretty exhausted and ready for bed.

Without any sounding of bells through the night we slept very soundly indeed, but still I was up early - a bit of a busy day today.

Straight into work to clear away emails and such like, before I packed my bag and was off up through the park to see both agencies.

Zipped through both places and although they cannever promise anything the signs are encouraging.
So after all that it was a long walk back to the boat - it must be about a mile and a half from boat to town centre, so the legs were getting a good workout.

A little more work and then went back into town - this time there was a train to catch up to Hemel.

On the walk up through the park, yet again packed with kids and parents - just amazing what a little bit of sunshine does to bring people out - the kids were even paddling in the stream flowing alongside the canal - we saw an approaching police van.
My earnest attempts to point out to them were met with unsympathetic words "Why should I want to take on your troubles, then she would be my problem and I have enough of those" - seems that he knew Diane well - as they say, she was known to Police.

Oh well, guess I will just have to keep her for now.

After a coffee, I left for the station to catch the train to Hemel - why you ask?
Really quite simple, Enterprise have a weekend deal on cars from Friday to Monday but they have limited the number available from each site and by the time we booked the nearest one was Hemel.

We are off to Manchester for the derby match between United and those noisy neighbours. To go up by train and return on Sunday would have cost close to ₤160 for the two of us; going Saturday and coming back Sunday evening (or Sunday/Monday) would have been ₤80 (plus accomodation and meals); hiring the car is ₤53 (including insurance) plus petrol.

The car also allows us to do a big shop and possibly see a National Trust property if we have time; it also meant that we could empty the full cassette down at the services block at Rickmansworth services (which we did on Friday evening).

So I picked up the car and we will be off on Saturday morning - Diane and Elaine were talking as we would be seeing them over the weekend and now we will spend Saturday night with them and then take Paul off to the match on Sunday. 

Now all I will have to make sure about is to keep Dianeout of trouble - I am sure that the police in Watford would have circulated the mugshots!!

2 Miles, 5 Locks
YTD: 265 Miles, 155 Locks, 6 Tunnels, 2 Lift Bridges, 11 Swing Bridges

Totals: 3159 Miles, 2276 Locks, 104 Tunnels, 36 Lift Bridges, 162 Swing Bridges

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