Tuesday, 21 April 2015

For our spring collection, dahhling!!

Sunday 19th April to Monday 20th April  2015

We farewelled wb Still Rockin' on Sunday morning, helping them through Iron Bridge Lock, with just a few onlookers.
the wee narrowboat negotiating a course between two wide beams, and George
(left) carefully taking a suitable line for the lock...

...nothing less than perfect

and taking all of the lock

As we had noticed earlier in the morning, so too did George as he manoeuvred Still Rockin' into the lock - the pound had dropped about a foot (30cm) since last evening, and we would be moving soon enough ourselves.

No doubt we will be catching up with them again sometime again whilst we are down south.
Bye for now - see you both again soon

As we have said time and time again, it does not matter how long it is since you have last met, it simply becomes a matter of taking up from where you left off - in this case it has been about 2 and 1/2 years.

As soon as we returned to Ferndale we prepared to leave - again we needed to wind and once again we found that we were of a suitable size and the canal suitably wide enough to allow us to do so without the need of a winding hole - any longer on our part and we would not have been able to turn.

Now facing south we could move, but we immediately pulled in to fill the water tank - it had taken a battering with showers and three loads of washing - now down to just 1/4 full.

Soon enough we were on our way,into the lock,sharing with other boat (about a 40 footer) - they were to moor up just below the lock whilst we carried on, tracing a familiar path from the past week, eventually mooring up just down from the canal-side Tesco at Rickmansworth.

The weather was not as bright and sunny as it had been last week, in fact it was at that stage where a shower or two would have not been unexpected, but would have been most unwelcome to the propsect of drying the load of washing hanging out the back.
Fortunately the rain didn't eventuate, but tracking down a Sunday roast did go ahead - a visit to The White Bear seemed in order and with the football being televised it seemed like an agreeable location.
The meal was less than we would have expected, but still quite nice - a 6 on the Wrenbury scale and we declined to finish watching the game and further declined the dessert menu.

Later on we did venture out for a walk around - safe in the knowledge that the washing was now secure inside and the chances of rain had dropped.

It is a lovely small town centre, although we suspect that the full community is much larger and more extensively catered for.

We found a recylcing depot which appears to take used oil - with a 5 litre container awaiting disposal I will come back to find out more.

Monday was a cracker of a day and having got through a great deal of work in the morning we both decided that there were a few things that we needed to do in the town centre - some cards to be bought and posted; coffee; find the Waitrose store; a small Halford's was found in the High street; and as an indicator of the state of the area, we also found quite a number of charity shops.
Sunny? - yes I should think so

Almost ready to seek some shade - not yet!

The temperature had continued to rise to the point that it was actually quite warm and as Diane had not yet made the full transition between winter clothing and summer clothing, she found herself without a pair of shorts to put on - my suggestion of just going in her knickers was rejected.

The solution was apparent to her - an old pair of jeans which were used only when she was working the locks had a largish hole above the mid-thigh region and she made the usual hacking of them in an attempt to create a pair of shorts.

Well, shorts they were, but only in the castaway sense and needed some severe rectification work if they were to look anything worth while.

I have to say dahhlings, that my dressmaking skills came to the for and whilst Diane modelled them, I carefully snipped away to bring them into shape.

It is certainly easier cutting away at the level of upper thigh when the model is female than if they were a male - nothing too much to snip away accidentally, dears!
Just a small snippet of the line of this year's shorts collection

Anyway the spring collection of ChicFerndale has started.

As the sun started to set later on, we took a stroll around the lakes of the Aquadrome.
Plenty of bird life around and human life as well, with many others enjoying the end to a great day whilst there was still a bit of warmth about.

Lastly - a very happy birthday to Robert on the 19th and also to Nikki on the 20th.

3 Miles, 4 Locks
YTD: 276 Miles, 172 Locks, 6 Tunnels, 2 Lift Bridges, 11 Swing Bridges

Totals: 3170 Miles, 2293 Locks, 104 Tunnels, 36 Lift Bridges, 162 Swing Bridges

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