Friday, 17 April 2015

One was exhausted, but I'm alright Jack!

Thursday 16th April 2015

One to mark down in the diary - a day when we did not move and Diane was out of bed before 7am without having had a coffee yet.

Why so early? Very simple, she had a doctor's appointment at 8:50 and a 3 mile walk to get there.
Made it she did, and in plenty of time; setting off with a mug full of the first coffee, this vanished along the way - her early pace meant that she was "running" early and managed a 2nd one before reaching the surgery.

All was well by the time she walked out - been seen by a doctor who she thought was quite good and fully understanding.

Now she was off to Maggie's place where she knew that some typeof fast-breaking delight would be assembled - this time it was a bacon roll - and without me being there it was a case of doing as she liked - as she liked.

Meanwhile, I was carrying on back on the boat with work.

A visit to the hospital for Diane followed - she managed to get a lift to there and virtually had no waiting time at all. A little before 1 pm she arrived back on the boat.

A little exploring had been done on the way back and she had located Watford railway station (not Watford Junction or Watford High Street) which isgoing to be great positioning for my day out tomorrow.

A bit of a stroll through Cassiobury Park back to the boat and we rested for the remainder of the day.

Fair to say that whilst it has been a strenuous day for Diane - it has also been a day for not doing a lot.

We did receive our official confirmation of the mooring inLittleVenice starting on the 8th May - so we are very much looking forward to a week in London free of charge -better than the best tourist package - better not tell Boris Johnson, or he will find a way to impose some type of cost for it.

Tomorrow will be a busy and eventful day.

No travel today

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