Thursday, 2 April 2015

Milk supplies hit new record low!

Thursday 2nd April 2015

After finishing the work that needed to get done for today, we were off and walked into Milton Keynes shopping precinct.

A coffee to sustain us and then we headed on to MK Central station - I had to go down to Watford to collect mail - amongst which was the form that needed to be filled out and returned so that I can get a National Insurance Number.

Diane had plans to do some much needed shopping - the milk reserves in the fridge were down to less than a litre - we had been rationing for the past few days making sure that we she wouldn't run out.
If we hadn't been able to get more milk I had been threatened with having to have black tea - to preserve the milk for her coffee.

So after we queued for a return ticket and she had given me my instructions - things like "make sure you ring so that I know you got there safely", "ring to let me know that you have picked up my prescription", "ring to let me know you are on your way back  (and I can get the boyfriend out in time)" - she was off to Aldi.

I arrived without any problems - even managing to be able to change trains - all by myself - I'm a big boy now!

Phoned her to let her know and ease her worries.

Walked to the surgery and picked up the scrip - ooops. forgot to ring.

Walked  around to see Maggie and Paddy and pick up the mail; had lunch; chatted for a while.

Walked down to the station - rang to say I was leaving.

Got back to MK Central - rang to say I was on the home stretch.

Got back to the boat - a brisk 40 minute walk for the 2.2 miles - a little hot with the warmer weather.

Diane was waiting - she was a little tired - which naturally I put down to the "boyfriend" - incorrect apparently - after leaving me at the station, there was an equally long walk to Aldi; then back through the main shopping area - this was the way she knew how to get back to the boat and the easiest, and finally packed all of the shopping away, including emptying out the half kilogram of sugar that spilt in the bottom of the trolley from the tear in the packaging.

Her phone app said that about 16500 steps had been completed - I suspect that the boyfriend did a bit of walking about the park to get that up a bit (so to speak).

Anyway she was too exhausted to go back to MK Central for a dinner out; much needed rest was required and an early night.

Cricket Oval

forlorn shopping trolley waiting for the owner to return

No travel today

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