Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Diane does London despite the mishap.

Tuesday 28th April 2015

Diane deserted me today and decided that she would leave me on the boat out of harms way, where I couldn't possibly get into any trouble whatsoever, and head off into London for a bit of a look around.

Little did she realise that it was not me that would get into any sort of trouble, but it was to be her -

leaving the boat...

... I walked her to the station - still no problems
She caught the underground service - Piccadilly line - to Hyde Park Corner and a walk down Constitution Hill; it was around she spotted a few blokes out for a bit of a ride on their horses

Wellington Arch

Such a lovely day in the sunshine, ready for....

...all of the crowds at Buck House - the lone police officer (centre) had spent
15 minutes convincing the people that they couldn't cross, but...

...they could wait no longer - the toilets were on the other side...

...oh and some wanted to see this.
including this young lass

'ere you go then

Liz wasn't at home today - not the Royal Standard flying above

Looking down the Mall
 After the excitement at the Palace, she had to retrace her steps back near Wellington Arch to recover a lens cover she had left there earlier, and found the war memorials for Australian troops and New Zealand troops

The NZ memorial -gotta love that they have included a rugby ball - third post
from the left
 Further down, opposite the Palace, were some of the world's press and TV stations, apparently waiting for some young tyke to come along - cannot see what the fuss is about.

Diane just liked the look of this building

The AA building - they've done alright for themselves

The memorial for the Crimean War...

...and of course to Florence Nightingale
In amongst all of her escapades, she managed to have one of her diabetic episodes - she had eaten her "just-in-case" reserves but was still low - when that happens she cannot make a sensible decision, but she got through it thanks to Costa - coffee and a panini - the coffee didn't help much, just wanted the caffeine.

She found the cause of the problem - one too many pills in the morning; she is of concern and now I will have to buy a length of rope to make sure that she doesn't stray away from the boat without me - it can also double for her to pull the boat along when we move.

No travel

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