Sunday, 26 April 2015

ANZAC DAY and Arrogant Londoners

Saturday 25th April 2015

Anzac Day for Australians and New Zealanders is more than just a special day, it has been and remains essential to the understanding of the emotion that sets these two nations apart.

It will always be that way and for perhaps the first time ever, we had Britain focussing on a campaign during The Great War that showed the gallantry in defeat; the understanding between enemies and the pointlessness of war.

It was a campaign which was doomed from the moment it was conceived.

Under British arrogant "leadership" they couldn't even find the correct landing place; couldn't decide on a proper plan of battle; allowed so many young men to die - Australians and New Zealanders alike, even after 100 years we do not blame the Turkish defenders for their losses.

Today there was a commemorative service for The Centenary of the Gallipoli Campaign and Anzac Day at the Cenotaph in London.


We decided that a day out in London was the order for the day and set about seeing a little more of a city that extends so far

First stop was St Paul's Cathedral

A walk down along Fleet St

The Journalists Church

Across the road we popped into Starbucks for a pick-me-up coffee and found this -free charging for phones - probably not so new,but it was for us

Travelling on the Oyster Card is very easy,so we hopped on a bus down to Trafalgar Square

The statue Gift Horse at the square - a wry reference to
an equestrian statue to William IV which never came
fruition due to a lack of funds

for your next trivia night - Nelson has a coil of rope with him at the
top of the column

The was a continued celebration for St.Georges day with food stalls all around.
Why isn't there a gazetted public holiday for the patron saint as they do in Ireland
and Scotland?
 Across the road we saw a protesting group outside the South African Consulate, not exactly sure what it was about,but the word Xenophobia was printed on most shirts.

Iconic buses

We have to agree with Tom (nb Waiorou), the New Zealand consulate is just plain ugly, maybe even fugly

A couple of photos for Andy (nb Festina Lente) - we know how you like your steak and ale pies

Horse guards

Let's never forget the contribution of all

Downing St - the gate known as Plebgate

The Cenotaph

Churchill's who's plan it was to launch an attack at

Boudica or Boudicca and whichever pronunciation you want

Thames and Houses of Parliament

The Eye

Such a wonderful tribute to those brave young men
Then it was a train back to Trafalgar Square for lunch,but on the way we spotted this advertisement for an Australian breakfast drink.
"Aussies suck" - cannot say that about the Australian Cricket Team

Almost every visit to London finds us having liunch at the St Martins-in-the-Fields Crypt Cafe - it keeps getting busier every time we are here

After lunch we were off on the train to Wandsworth - no not the prison - we had made a booking to view a National Trust property simply called 575 Wandsworth Road.
We found out later that it is usually booked out for months in advance - Diane looked at it yesterday and there apparently were 2 cancellations (which she didn't know until) so she grabbed them.
Only 3 groups of 6 allowed per day - with a personal guided tour and history given - takes about an hour.

The house was purchased by a Kenyan man who was also British - he was a writer, poet and artist who transformed the house with a hand-carved fretwork interior - truly amazing to see the work that was put in - unfortunately there was no photography allowed - just the outside of the house.

Before we viewed the property we saw this guy "motoring" along on a uni-ped cycle - gotta get me one of these

We opted for the bus for our journey back - just a 5 minute wait outside this property; seat upstairs at the front - a great view and able to see plenty plus able to take some decent photos as well

Chelsea Bridge

Sloane Square

Royal Albert Hall

The Abert Memorial
Finally got off at Notting Hill Gate to catch the train back but stopped at FRAE for a frozen yogurt first - absolutely delicious - we will be looking out for them again.

Got back to the boat to find that there was a wide-beam hovering around seemingly looking for a place to moor up - rules along here are two narrowboats breasted up or just one wide-beam, otherwise it makes the canal too narrow to get boats past - especially wide-beams.
The young couple asked if they could breast up and we "said no and explained the rules; they went off - not away but off their tree.
Said things like: It is London and everyone does it; Never seen people like you before; You must have no friends.
And then despite our rejection they then proceeded to moor up alongside.

They were saying that they were here for the Cavalcade next week (the IWA Cavalcade).

We continued to try to explain to them that they couldn't but because it wasn't what they wanted to hear they ignored us.
The female simply walked across the stern of Ferndale to tie up to the mooring ring - when we asked did she not hear what we were saying, the classic line "I feel threatened by you so I am not talking to you" - that is the now usual reply and excuse for ignoring people.

We were having none of it and explained to them that they were simply ignoring any opinion that we had because it wasn't what they wanted to do.
The guy was starting to speak in more reasonable terms but little miss was showing her true side when she came up against anyone who dared to say "No"to her.
Bet Daddy had never said no to her either and she has gone through life getting everything that she has wanted and done whatever she has wanted to do.

Loved telling her to be quiet and go below and keep out of the way - that got her going.

Diane went along our gunwhale to take a photo of their license - so that we could report them - this all got her going - "Don't you step on our boat (Diane wasn't); Don't you touch our boat (she wasn't)"
"Who are you reporting us to?"
"To IWA"
"Who is that?" little miss asked.

She didn't even know which organisation was arranging the Cavalcade, didn't have a permit for the Cavalcade and if you look at the picture of their license below there is a whited-out boat name.
I suspect that it is actually someone else's license.

Little miss then made a huge mistake - she dropped the word - grounds for harassment and for what can be legally used as threatening behaviour

Eventually, as we kept the pressure on them, the guy thought (and knew) that this wasn't worth it and with Little Miss still going off - at us and at him - he untied and they moved back three boats where they found someone to ignore the rules and was prepared to put up with them.

As it seems now, they have locked the boat and disappeared.

There was such an arrogance about them that we have seen elsewhere in London - or is it just a southern thing as opposed to the hospitality of those further north than here

Little Miss with the foul mouth

this indicates that they are not properly licensed - no boat name

No travel


  1. Sorry that you've experienced such a 'gobby little mare' in London town:(

    If you look at you'll find that the licence issued to that registration is...
    "Kismet" Built by Liverpool Boat Company - Length : 18 metres ( 59 feet 1 inch ) - Beam : 3.05 metres ( 10 feet ) - Draft : 0.74 ( 2 feet 5 inches ). Metal hull power of 999 BHP. Registered with Canal & River Trust number 516195 as a Motor Boat. ( Last updated on Wednesday 22nd May 2013 )
    Perhaps not the best boat name given the circumstances... LOL

    1. Kevin
      I love that description - you hit the nag on the head.
      I have no doubt that the information you have given is correct, but with the new regulations coming in about only needing to have the CRT metal number plate and no paper license in the window, it will be open to abuse and no way of really checking on it.


  2. I suppose no boat name or index number on the both? Email to CRT I trust!

    1. No boat name, nor boat index number plate - oh they will be reported


  3. I would have been tempted to let them tie up, then when they left cut their ropes, if they sais owt when they returned, replied, "yes, ours were cut as well" !! ;-0

    1. Alf
      I may not like them but what you are saying is so clearly wrong; I would not like someone to do it to me, why would I do it to anyone else.


  4. Ray /Dianne-sorry to read this-there is no need for such behaviour. Well done for standing your ground. Be interested in the response you get from CRT. I am about to set off for London and hope we don't meet them-good luck with job search!! Richard NB Pendle Warter

  5. Ray, so sorry you've had your London trip soured by such an unpleasant experience. Ten years of commuting was enough for me and I always point Henry's bows north whenever I can!

  6. Please don't tar all us Southerners with the same brush!! I think the biggest problem is that so many people are buying boats to live on in London who have never had anything to do with canals before and no knowledge (or respect) for 'the rules of the road'.
    The Crt office is under the bridge at Little Venice, please do go in in the morning in person and report this incident.
    Kath (nb Herbie)

  7. As you (and Tom) say NZ House is not the prettiest but it is noticeable. Where is the Australian equivalent? :-)

    Don McCoskrie