Monday, 6 April 2015

When you have no other option...

Sunday 5th April 2015

Another relatively early start, but not until after the rabbit had come - and the obligatory egg hunt - this time it was the female of the burrow doing the hiding and I had to do the searching.
The Easter bilby had made his stop.

So, after breakfast we were away - the weather is definitely getting milder - the sun nearly made an appearance and coats were discarded pretty quickly.
Peaceful morning cruising - for us, the best time of the day.

The canal is now starting to yield to more locks with each passing mile and for most of today we were on our own through the locks and most were against us.
You only get to see the crows nests during winter and early spring

This little tug was left high, dry and smelly 

Diane liked the look of this bridge - partly because it was 123

As we approached Lock 35 there is a section just below the lock where the trees on the off side have not yet been trimmed back and there are boats moored on the towpath side - just then a widebeam was slowly making it's way between the trees and the moored boats - no room to move anywhere for anyone.
I was walking the towpath to the lock; Diane was steering the boat; fortunately she had room to stop and wait, but eventually she had to pass the widebeam - yet another first for her - she had delegated that activity in the past - this time she had no other option - just had to do it and did it she did without any problems - must have been wearing the right shoes to do this.
Coming into Lock 37

We shared locks 37 and 38 with a boat just out from the Dunstable and District Boat Club near Bridge 126 - lovely people but we neglected to find out their names - not long after we moored up before Bridge 130.

After a bit of a rest we went for a walkdown to the Tring reservoirs - a lot of people around - obviously the shops are closed and they couldn't find anything else to do but have a stroll by the canal.
Tring reservoirs in the background - looking more full than
the last time we were here.

Lovely old Norman-style church - just opposite the pub
We ended up in The Red Lion - what a nice pub - a lovely few drinks, relaxed in the comfy sofas.
They even had Mulled Wine - which the advertising
says "Not just for Christmas"

6 Miles, 10 Locks, 1 Swing Bridge
YTD: 248 Miles, 116 Locks, 6 Tunnels, 2 Lift Bridges, 10 Swing Bridges
Totals: 3142 Miles, 2237 Locks, 104 Tunnels, 36 Lift Bridges, 161 Swing Bridges

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