Sunday, 5 April 2015

Moving Right Along

Saturday 4th April 2015

We may be putting ourselves under a little bit of pressure to get further south more quickly than we would have moved, but we have in mind being in Watford by next Saturday.

A few reasons for this - firstly we want to catch up with the family together - the last couple of times it has been only one of us making the trip; secondly we have a rail trip up to Manchester for the derby next Sunday and rail connections along that route are best from Watford Junction; thirdly, Paddy has his nephew, Thomas and wife Sandie over from Australia to visit them early the following week - we haven't met them before so it is a chance to see them before they are away.

Anyway there are a few things making us move; in addition we are a little keen to get to see the general London area and once there it will be a lot easier to have a base from which to seek some employment - being on the move just makes it difficult.

So, all of that aside, we were up a bit on the early side without meaning to and not really hurrying to be away - it was after all still before 7am.
I had received my instructions, Diane wanted her Saturday paper, and just as I poked my head out the back, there was a trading boat approaching - we had discussed that we should top up the tanks if we saw a trader, if not, it would be a boat yard - a total of just on 93 litres (including heating) at 70 ppl - the trader, Gary, operates between Leighton Buzzard and Yardley - give him a call on 0788 154 2953 - cash or cheque.

Full tanks; and paper purchased; breakfast consumed we then did head off about 8:30 and very gently wandered down to Grove Lock - sharing locks at Soulbury and just enjoying a coolish morning and some light drizzle.
We did have a small worry - not long after we headed off, Diane started the washing machine. After a while she went inside and discovered that it had stopped - the reason being that the inverter turned itself off - why?? - the alternator did not appear to be charging the leisure batteries.
After trying several things, including advancing the washing machine cycle, the alternator eventually started charging the batteries and the inverter was staying on.
Our conclusions: either the alternator is not working properly and/or the inital cycle for the washing machine was drawing too much current due to a heating component.

just this one picture today - the heron just took off
We will keep an eye on both and will also have the alternator checked out by an electrician when we find one.

Another good win to Manchester United today and we now have something to look forward to with that Derby next week - a real chance to move into 3rd place.

8 Miles, 6 Locks
YTD: 242 Miles, 106 Locks, 6 Tunnels, 2 Lift Bridges, 9 Swing Bridges

Totals: 3136 Miles, 2227 Locks, 104 Tunnels, 36 Lift Bridges, 160 Swing Bridges

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  1. Ray, when we use our washing machine on board, I set the temperature to cold wash and fill the machine through the soap dispenser with whatever temperature water I require - we have a small Zanussi and I use about 10 - 12 litres if I remember correctly. Saves on power and on time. The people we bought the boat from told us that's what they did and we found it works a treat.
    Looking forward to following in your footsteps in late May when we are back onboard. Cheers to you both, Marilyn and David, nb Waka Huia