Saturday, 7 March 2015

A visit and then we cruise again

Friday 6th March to Saturday 7th March 2015

We had a very welcome visit on Friday from Bev and Roly - it has been a few weeks since we had seen them.

It was a late morning call as Roly needed to be home and rest up before he went out on a brewery tour (read as a p___-up) - a total of 9 were going out for the "tour", including Sue and Andy, Dot and Gordon, Sharon and Richard, Vinnie and Rob.

By the look of the photo on facebook it looks like they had a good time, although I suspect that may have been early on in the evening - they were all still standing.
Bev meanwhile was quite happy and looking forward to her "double-Corrie" on the TV and looking after the dogs.

We all caught up with Elaine and Paul and after Bev and Roly headed off we had a cuppa with E and P to say goodbye as we were heading off the following morning.
After nearly 2 months on the Macc around the Bollington area and north of there, it is now time to head off ourselves.
It was a bit sad in saying our farewells after such a long time but we have been able to help both with looking after the dogs and chatting with them about what they would like to do and anything else - sometimes just to do something different; they have helped us with transporting us here, there and almost everywhere.

I would be loathe to say it but have to admit that James Ward played a great match in the 2nd Davis Cup rubber to defeat John Isner - we watched the final set - Diane got her tennis fix in the process.

And so it was that Saturday morning arrived and we were ready to go and just after 7 am we pushed the front out and engaged the warp drive - we were off.
We also turned the Reflecs off for the first time in almost 2weeks - it is a sure sign that it is getting warmer.
Whilst it was still early, the temperature was quite mild, just a gentle breeze and after a while the sun came out - it really felt like an early spring day and you started to get the same feelings that you have with cruising in nice weather - "it's good to be the king".

Onward towards  Macclesfield; we have found this section to be uniformly shallow for us, but one thing we have noticed in our recent travels - here and our return from Bugsworth - is that there is less rubbish through the bridge holes.
That is a result of more traffic, which suprisingly we did not encounter this morning.
a bit of a nuisance if you need power

definitely unfriendly

consideration is reciprocal - it seems to us that Macclesfield
is a bit unfriendly towards boaters and their money.

We stopped for water at the CaRT yard - as we have done before. It took a while to fill as Diane had showered on the way as well as running the washing machine and then I joined in whilst stopped and showered as well.
me thinks that a discount might be needed to complete the sale

It was just another mile or so until Gurnet Aqueduct where we moored up in full sunshine - it was almost summer-like conditions by this stage and it was not even 10am.
I simply love this bridge - a fine example of a snake bridge

fine sunny weather 

Off we go shopping into Maccelsfield - an Aldi visit; proper coffee; to the markets looking for books (although we have about 20 still to read); and to Poundland.

We have snuck another fasting day in this week - after Paul's revelation (read as admission) of his weight-to-power ratio, we confirmed our need to reduce the intake, and more walking.
However, we popped into Weatherspoons on the return leg for a light lunch - which it was - Diane even had a salad.

Back on the boat and Diane cleaned the chimney and we stuck the new extension on, which is now working a treat in the wind - eliminated the problems.

Settled in towatch the Aston Villa v West Brom match and after seeing about 75 minutes the signal just vanished - not only BBC1 but for all channels.

No problem we saw the last bit on iPlayer - a deserved win to Villa - James will be happy.

So for now we will be free of TV for the night - I have been trying to write this blog under extreme duress - Diane is playing Trivia Crack against Paul and also Dot - and she gets very excited when she wins - which apparently she is doing quite often.

4 miles
YTD: 91 Miles, 25 Locks, 1 Tunnel, 2 Lift Bridge, 5 Swing Bridge
Totals: 2985 Miles, 2146 Locks, 99 Tunnels, 36 Lift Bridges, 157 Swing Bridges

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