Wednesday, 25 March 2015

I been replaced by a device containing batteries

Wednesday 25th March 2015

In signs that winter is still hanging around, there was need to remove ice from the solar panels this morning; a reasonable frost was on the ground; and it was nowhere near warm enough to roam around naked - especially inside the boat.

But despite all of that it was still a very nice morning and as we filled with water and the cassette was emptied, the sun was starting to have an impact.

The captain decided that she would attempt the turn at the junction, whilst I set the lock - if only we had been a bit earlier we would have had it our way, but the other boat at the water point finished sooner and they had the luck - still it was only 30cm for the lock.

Diane went round smoothly and only needed to reverse slightly and she was into the lock and off the Coventry.
There was no transfer of paint from boat to canal-side - ever grateful for that.
doing the Hawkesbury Junction - carefully lining up the bridge hole

...under the bridge...

...a little reverse to adjust...

...line up for the lock...

...and straight in...

...crazy woman

As we gently cruised past the moored boats (on both sides), we were welcomed by the chap on nb Willoughby who identified himself as Peter Humphries - he said that he enjoyed reading the blog, so in my eyes he's a top bloke.
Although it's only a share boat, Peter, the only criteria is to enjoy it for the time that you have available to cruise - enjoy and hopefully we will see you around again.
Unfortunately we were too slow to take a photo - will have to strongly chastise the captain later on, when I get her inside.

Today was a purely cruising day after the "massive" lock at the junction, so I decided that I would spend time inside getting some work finished off.

Diane had sorted out all of the things that she thought she would need - anything extra and she just whistles - the obedient slave comes a-running.

Anyway she had about ten pairs of gloves out there, an extra coat, fleecy hat, fruit, water, tea, and to replace the lively conversation that we have together, she opted for the battery (and solar) powered radio - outdone by another battery operated device.

The traitor radio - sure it has knobs and buttons - but don't we all?
She seemed quite happy with her choices - and I disappeared below to work, make the tea and wait to be whistled for to attend to narrow parts lined with boats on both sides and a boat approaching (one area of her education we will need to deal with this year).
Under the M6

There are still stretches of very muddy, almost impassable towpath....

....obvious signs that it is slowly being rectified

Still, all-in-all, a long cruising stretch like this restored everything back to a peaceful balance.
Later,  the Newbold Tunnel was next to feel the freedom of the girl ..

Through and out successfully - I want to see her do the Standedge Tunnel
We finally moored at Brownsover, and realised that we hadn't had lunch, but needed to check in at the Boots chemist, so we trundled off there, checked in - no prescription received yet, and opted for the easy Frankie and Benny's option for lunch - before we returned via Tesco.

I think I am still needed, if only to carry the shopping back to the boat - let's see a radio do that then!

13 Miles, 1 Locks, 1 tunnel, 1 swing bridge
YTD: 189 Miles, 75 Locks, 4 Tunnels, 2 Lift Bridges, 8 Swing Bridges
Totals: 3083 Miles, 2196 Locks, 102 Tunnels, 36 Lift Bridges, 159 Swing Bridges


  1. You are clearly needed, Ray, as the Ferndale photographer - selfies just don't do the job adequately. So rest easy, mate.
    I'm impressed by Diane's ease of getting off the Coventry - that 180 degree turn is hard work to do with finesse and no touching the sides, as I found when we did it back in September.
    It was lovely looking at your photos, as it brought back some very fond memories.
    I am sure you are needed for toting the shopping, but you could make it easier on yourselves and get two granny trolleys (the two wheeled variety that fold up and go under the bed, but which will carry numerous bottles of chardonnay and cider plus other comestibles) from Argos - two means you will be required for the future, Ray as it's nigh on impossible to wheel two of them at once.
    Cheers, Marilyn

  2. Forgot to say that the Standedge is an unfair ask, mate - the Harecastle or Blisworth or Braunston are a fairer challenge. She's a winner, that woman!

    1. She won when she got me - in fact I won when I got her -classic win-win