Sunday, 29 March 2015

Time goes, wind blows, we stay still

Sunday 29th March 2015

Summertime arrived overnight and as is usually the case, the sun disappeared for the day behind rain laden clouds driven quickly across the skies by gale-force winds.

We certainly weren't going to be moving anywhere today - instead just hunker down inside where it was just a bit cosy.

We watched the multitude of hire boats traveling past with just a single person out the back on the tiller under their waterproofs and looking just a bit miserable. Have to give them their due, with the exception of one, they did slow down to a reasonable speed which allowed them to handle the wind as well.
As you can see from both photos, the surf was up....

...could well have expected to see a water-vole with a surfboard

By early afternoon the rain had disappeared but the wind increased even more - we were rocking so much from wind that we wouldn't have noticed a boat going too fast.

So what did we do instead of cruising - well I had that pesky water separator to put back together and resinstal it, test it and then run the engine to be doubly sure.
Batteries still to check - they were OK; a small leak in the Reflecs fuel feed-line was checked and hopefully now OK.
Now was that all I did - oh wait, there was one other thing that I did.

I "watched" the ICC Cricket World Cup Final on cricinfo which gives a ball-by-ball description - Australia v New Zealand.
Those kiwis had played so well during the tournament that if they had been up against anyone else I would have been cheering for them, but not when we are playing them.
In the end it won't be remembered as a classic final, but the result means that Australia is officially the best in the world.

Continuing to look at and apply for possible employment.

As promised by the BBC weather app the winds started to die down after 4pm; we were continuing to contemplate our journey southwards this week, bearing in mind that next weekend is Easter; there was some football so whilst the computer was busy backing up files I may have switched the TV on to watch just a little bit.

Other than all of that it was a pretty quiet Sunday, but come to think about it and looking back at what I have written - I've been a bit bl___y busy today - I think I need a rest.

No travel today

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