Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Early Mornings and almost Midday breakfast

Sunday 15th March to Tuesday 17th March 2015

We had wanted to moor further down when we arrived on Saturday, but as I had indicated, Diane was keen on the chip butty and to lock down to The Star would have necessitated doing cassettes and filling with water - so we didn't.

Sunday morning, however, was a different matter and we were off early; did our thing at the services and then through the third and final lock and moored up - all within an hour.

Job done!
Time for coffee before Hobbit breakfast ...

...and then a change of hat

It had to be early because Diane had arranged with Dot and Sharon to have a 'Spoons breakfast - at somewhere around 10am or just after. At this time of the day you are starting to think about lunch not breakfast.

Anyway, there were 7 of us - Roly wouldn't miss a chance to have a bit to eat.

It very rarely happens at all - ever - taking Diane out for something to eat, that she can pick out something off the menu immediately and settle for that.

Well, this wasn't one of those rare times.

The usual "ooh that looks nice; what are you having; mmm!! that also looks nice; I might change my mind; ahh this is also good" and that is all before she sees what goes past on the plates being served.

After all of that we had a fairly quiet day - sat down to see France trounce the Italians - the weather didn't look too good and we thought of poor Sue and Andy watching from the stand.

Monday, up early again and back to work day and really a bit boring - managed to find out a lot more about the impending application for my Indefinite Leave to Remain - just another 5 or 6 documents needed.

Tuesday - HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY - and after a reasonably early start, we caught up with Sue and Andy at Costa for a late morning coffee.

Later on there was a gathering of the clan at The Royal Exchange - this will definitely be the last farewell/goodbye/auf wiedersehen/p__s o_f  for this year.

We hope.
Yes, definitely.

Well at least until the next next one.
What a gang?

We were all very glad to see Carol and to see her looking so well. It has been a hard year for her but she is bouncing back - Barry is such a big loss.

Unfortunately, Elaine and Paul couldn't make it - rumour was that they had both been arrested for dealing in dodgy motorhomes and insurance scams, but that was just a rumour that I started - their car was in being re-sprung.

Just what is Sue up to ?

We will be off on Wednesday (as in tomorrow); heading south.

1 miles, 3 locks
YTD: 122 Miles, 51 Locks, 2 Tunnels, 2 Lift Bridges, 6 Swing Bridges
Totals: 3016 Miles, 2172 Locks, 100 Tunnels, 36 Lift Bridges, 157 Swing Bridges

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