Thursday, 5 March 2015

Dogs, Gonks and the Pub

Monday 2nd March to Thursday 5th March 2015

Almost the full working week has gone since I last sat down to go through what we have been up to - it probably is a good guess that we haven't done quite so much this week as others.

Indeed it has been a relatively quiet week for us.

But what exactly did we get up to - for the life of me, I am struggling to actually remember.

We have spent a bit of time with Paul and Elaine this week as we had a dog sitting day on Wednesday - the boys were almost fully recovered from their visit to vet the previous day for teeth cleaning; there was a Chinese meal at the end of it after P and E returned home.

We have spent both Tuesday and Wednesday in the Spinners Arms watching football this week - both games ending in very late winners - firstly Aston Villa over West Brom and then ManUnited over Newcastle.

We have been out just occassionally this week for short walks - we have been quite lazy that way - not the ideal preparation for cruising - we will be heading off on Saturday on our Plan A - having checked with CaRT about stoppages.

Probably the highlight for the week has been the arrival of packages for us this week.

It is great to have a nearby postal address where we can arrange for things to be sent and we can get them almost immediately, but even then we missed two of the packages that arrived - they were carded and we then needed to pick them up from Macclesfield parcel office.
Paul generously provided the transport and so I presented myself there to collect said packages.

The first one was for Diane and was the following, which she had purchased on eBay
A family of Gonks, which she bid on as a bit of a laugh,but
then her competitive nature took hold and she didn't want to
lose the auction.

The second was much more practical - an extension for the Reflecs chimney to help reduce the effects that high winds have on the flame in the stove.

So that's been about it - we are both looking forward to tomorrow and catching up with friends; to Saturday to start cruising again (but not to saying goodbye to Paul and Elainefor a while); Diane is looking forward to next Wednesday; and I have my Life in the UK test to study for.

The best news for the week is that our son Mitchell finally has a date for his interview with the US people at the consulate in Sydney to finalise his US visa to live there - we are so very happy about that - the end is in sight now for him and Sara to finally start their lives in America - so April 7th is marked on the calendar.


  1. They are trolls Ray, not gonks!

    Linda xx

    1. Sorry Linda, apparently they can be either - gonks was the description on eBay