Monday, 16 March 2015

Chip Butty, Rugby, Beer and Cider Festival and trying to get Diane drunk

Saturday 14th March 2015

One of the great joys about writing this blog, at least for me, is that I do describe events and occurrences in a slightly different tone to the way that others might see them.
Nothing that I write is incorrect, but the use of certain words can create different mental images which convey a slightly different message - usually in a cheeky way; so the feedback that I get from Diane is usually that what I have said didn't happen - I gently point out what was said, happened, went on.
It's very much like answering a question in an off-centre way.

Also, she doesn't get to read it until I post it - so no censorship.

This then means that she can never be sure what I have written about and how I have phrased it - it can drive her a bit crazy wondering what I might have said - one of life's little joys without anything lasting.

Today we undertook the cruise from Stoke down to Stone - a trip which we usually split into two parts with an overnight in Barlaston.
The outside of the revamped Plume of Feathers (with Neil Morrissey)

Another sign that spring has arrived - the first we have seen this year

This time we wanted to meet up with the gang before they headed off to watch the 6-nations at a local brewery (ticket-only affair).

Heading off before 7:30, we were through the Stoke locks before 8:30 and enjoying the lovely early morning start.

It felt good to have a decent depth ofwater below the base plate and the engine certainly was grateful - as much as we love the Macclesfield and Peak Forest canals, there was a bit too much close-to-the-bottom stuff.
We literally purred along with the engine just lovely and quiet, and in no time at all (well actually it was a 4 hour trip) and we were moored up opposite Roger Fuller's yard.
Howard was doing his usual Saturday ride down to Stone and reached us just as we finished the last of the locks - well done Howard, to hide behind the trees until we had finished.
He came aboard for a cuppa and cake and a chat before heading back.

By this time it was time to walk up to The Royal Exchnge and see the gang.

There alsoseemed tobe another "Diane-plan" afoot with all of this - seems that the pub does a Saturday lunch-time menu with chip butties amongst the offered fayre and Diane was keen on that. Gotta love a masterplan.

Anyway there they all were and we just blended back into the mould of the seats and the pub.
After this we knew that they were heading to Lymestone Brewery for a Beer/Cider Festival and a large screen for the rugby - they insisted on dragging Diane along and she went without any protest - wearing her Welsh top with pride and the knowledge that Roly was there with his; Dot, of course, was supporting the Irish.
Looks like they were all up for it.

Welsh pride on display

Diane, Richard and Sharon

There's that wife of mine with a slight look of inebriation in her eyes

As for me, I was off for a peaceful afternoon of work and a little peek at the game.

A tap on the boat about 4pm from Phil (nb Valentine) taking Freddy for a walk and we had a bit of a chat for a while before he continued on his way home - we will probably catch upon Tuesday night.

I am never worried about Diane when she is out with friends and she does enjoy her sport and now coupled with a cider or two, she would be fine.

Around 5:30 she appeared in the window and a few minutes after that she was inside warming up and there was not very much slurring of her words but she had sampled enough that she wouldn't want or need any more - no problems.

As she normally does with these things where she go off without me, she will give me a full recitation of the events and happenings - one of these seems to be that Roly offered to get her a refill of her glass with a new drink to sample; there was some type of mix up and instead of cider it was an ale at 7.5% - she noticed it was different straight away but carried on drinking it, in fact she quite enjoyed it as well.
After that she jokingly was blaming Roly for trying to get her drunk - something that we both know would never be the case but there is always some fun to be had under those circumstances.

So with a Welsh victory over the Irish; a good afternoon of work completed; and slightly merry wife there was no reason to be downbeat at all and every reason to be happy with everything.

On top of all that Burnley delivered a shock win over Manchester City - a very good Saturday

8 miles, 10 locks
YTD: 121 Miles, 48 Locks, 2 Tunnels, 2 Lift Bridges, 6 Swing Bridges

Totals: 3015 Miles, 2169 Locks, 100 Tunnels, 36 Lift Bridges, 157 Swing Bridges


  1. You may or may nor remember meeting up with us Ray but just to say I love your slightly quirky way of recounting your adventures a teasing of Diane. I am just pleases that I write our blog so my mishaps etc are not recorded for the world to read. I usually have a giggle in the morning when I catch up on blogs with my tea in bed! Fiona nbepiphany

    1. Hi Fiona
      Of course I remember meeting you - you were standing there in the moonlight - no, that may have been someone else - but I do remember that we all had dinner at The Navigation at Kilby Bridge - hope that you are feeling much better

  2. Hi both, what’s the connection of Neil Morrisey with the Plume of Feathers in Barlaston?

    1. Carol
      Neil Morrisey is the new owner.
      A good lad from the Stoke area comes back to save the pub - and make some money.