Monday, 23 March 2015

It's getting warmer when you're naked...

Sunday 22nd March 2015

Another beautiful day for cruising as we made our way further along the Coventry.

The problems of it being shallow for us essentially vanished today as we got closer to the junction and beyond that we found the water was deeper and we weren't struggling along.
I am sure that I have taken this shot and displayed it before,
but it is a lovely feature at Fazeley Junction

Ahhh - so is this the dividing line between North and South.

The River Tame site, where over 100 years ago, 2 boatmen were said
to have murdered a young woman, who was a paying passenger
on the boat.

The Glascote Locks are just up ahead.

Now, if only this was the case..

We encountered the usual problems at Glascote Locks - the bottom one is very slow filling, but we had a bit of help from a following boat as we worked and helped each other through.
The poem in this photo gives all of the information:

It reads:

            Just a note, to let you know, that this here Lock, is very slow.
            So take a breath, relax and smile, (you might be waiting here a while.)

            The problem is, (or so we're told,) is lock Thirteen is very old.
            Her paddles shot, through wear and tear, the water pours out here and there.

            We've had them fixed, then fixed again, by some of Waterways finest men.
            And for a while, the Lock works well, until again they leak like hell.

            Now if this pause in your sojourn, has made you stop and think and learn.
            That on the "cut"there is a pace, that's not for those who want to race.

            So if you're rushing, running late, this tale of Leaky Lock you'll hate,
            If you've no time to gently float, then why a bloody Narrow Boat?

The Bard of Glascote Locks

we've taken the intent of the poem and just not worrying about the time

Further on it was really lovely - with the sun beating down - not just like a spring day - more like a summers day.
On the subject of our names on boats

It's been almost 2 weeks since we last topped up with diesel, so we are looking around - Diane suggested that Alvecote Marina was a possibility but after mooring up there we found them closed.
That was a pity as we wouldhave then stopped for the day opposite the Samuel Barlow pub for lunch, but alas it then became too early for that, so a bit further on we went.
working boats "Kangaroo" and "Australia"

Polesworth was the destination that we then decided on, but rather than the rings at Bridge 54, I wanted to try the more open space between Bridges 52 and 51 - the television and internet signals at the first moorings are notoriously less than suitable.

So moor up we did, right on the 3 hour mark; TV checked - all OK; internet signal checked - over 20MBps; sunshine on the panels - over 10A going in - all perfick.

With moving everyday and passing waterpoints on a regular basis now we have moved off winter mode and back to showering everyday and something else we have discovered.

No longer is it cold when you get ready to shower; no longer cold when you get out (even with the window slightly open); no longer cold when you step out - in fact it is warm enough to just wander around the boat completely naked - just so long as no-one sees me and feels really sorry for Diane.

After we were both clean we were off in search of a pub for lunch, just needed to pick which one - after a walk of the town it was a case of just needed to find one that served food - 5 pubs and no Sunday lunch menu in any of them.

So it was back to the boat.

It was an afternoon to enjoy this sunshine and relax, but with the Man United v Liverpool match showing on at The Royal Oak , just a short stroll away and with "she who must be obeyed" quite happy for me to go, off I went.
To all Liverpool supporters, it was a great 2-1 victory which should have been 3-1 but for a missed penalty.

This one is for Howard - not a patch on your Compass Rose

7 Miles, 2 Locks
YTD: 161 Miles, 63 Locks, 3 Tunnels, 2 Lift Bridges, 7 Swing Bridges

Totals: 3055 Miles, 2184 Locks, 101 Tunnels, 36 Lift Bridges, 157 Swing Bridges


  1. Hi Ray and Diane,
    Enjoying reading your blog as I sit in Melbourne in shorts and thongs. It's starting to sound like the weather is turning, sounds like it's time to hit our straps and get back over to our boat. See you on the cut!
    Kelvin and Rachael

    1. Hi Kelvin and Rachael
      When are you back over here, where are you moored and remind me of the boat name. Look forward to meeting up sometime, somewhere


  2. Shower every other day...! Hope you have wooden clappers :-)