Tuesday, 24 March 2015

It's just #@&$kin rubbish !!

Monday 23rd March to Tuesday 24th March 2015

So the morning after a great win from ManU and it was great to be alive - pity that the weather didn't come along for the ride as well - guess there has to be something for Liverpool supporters.

We slept very soundly indeed; it was lovely and quiet - this will be the place to moor in future - but not on a Sunday.

The forecast was for colder conditions for Monday and better for Tuesday as we headed off.

There are more and more boats appearing now and where previously we could go for a day or so without seeing anyone else moving, it is now 10-12 boats a day.
I guess winter is definitely over.

Atherstone locks where ahead of us and Diane wanted a shopping trip in Atherstone itself; we were in luck with the first 6 locks - all in our favour and we moored up after that to go a restock the pantry - just an hour in total and we were off again to finish the remaining 5 locks and after that it was straight cruising.
Interestingly we managed to de-rubbish and empty the cassette whilst going through the last (top) lock - no we didn't just chuck it into the canal.
Diane was organised and had it all ready to pass up and I took care of it at the services point right near the lock, she finished off the paddles and the lock gate - clever girl that wife of mine!

With all of the locks and the shopping, Monday would be a longer cruising day for us than normal and as we decided on a suitable mooring place, we contemplated also where to fill the diesel tanks.
she wanted a shot with the old style telegraph pole
in the background

A stop at Springwood Haven for diesel fixed that and Diane casually asked the young guy filling the tanks about drilling another hole in the washing line holder that fits onto the tiller arm - "no problems" he says.

In the end it was a bit longer than we planned and involved a half dozen trips between boat and workshop but we are pleased to say that it is now done - just took a little longer than anticipated, but they are very friendly there and with the diesel at 65.7 ppl we were well pleased.

We eventually moored just through Wood Bridge and had another peaceful night.

Tuesday was just a quick run down to Hawkesbury Junctions which was over almost as quickly as it started.
did manage to spot this little fellow

After a day's cruising,what better way to relax than a spot
of time travel
Not perhaps a marketing winner 

We have to agree with Maffi in his blog rubbish-and-filth where he writes about the journey through Nuneaton and the amount of rubbish that is dumped along and in the canal - absolutely disgraceful - there really is no pride by the people who live for the place where they (and their children) live.
just some of the cleaner areas...

...just ridiculous...

...perhaps for viewing underwater wildlife programs

But once through there the rest was fine; the sun was out shining again and we were able to moor up quite easily just before the junction.
Marston Junction - lovely and quiet - the Ashby off to the left
we went straight through....

...and Diane taking Ferndale through Marston Junction.

A pleasant walk in the afternoon completed the day for us and here we are for a bit of a lazy night.

15 Miles, 11 Locks
YTD: 176 Miles, 74 Locks, 3 Tunnels, 2 Lift Bridges, 7 Swing Bridges
Totals: 3070 Miles, 2195 Locks, 101 Tunnels, 36 Lift Bridges, 158 Swing Bridges

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