Monday, 2 March 2015

Spring has sprung

Sunday 1st March 2015

Like a new born lamb, I sprung out of bed this morning - the first day of spring had arrived.
Excited and exhilerated with expectations of a bright sunny day, mild and gentle breeze, warm sun on the back - how sadly disappointed was I when there was none of this.
A slightly overcast morning with brief bursts of sunlight for the solar panels.

Oh well, it was still spring and so to encapsulate the imagined feeling, and to make up for some late winter slackness, the engine had a decent going over - there was checking of oil levels, screwing of rear seals, removal of separated water and a good check on the batteries.
All were basically OK - save for a litre of engine oil added - how dull was that - at least there could have been something that would make me feel a little guilty for not having checked for three weeks - but no, Ferndale was being a good girl.

What else could I do with this inner spring vitality - something really exciting - I knew just the thing; what could be more thrilling than cleaning, tidying up and rearranging the wardrobe - nothing beats it.

Things got a bit better after this - had to really - much more of this and I would need to have my nanna nap to get over it all.

Out to lunch at The Cock and Pheasant - the meals were really quite good, as they have been before.
After which we walked back down to the Spinners Arms, having missed a downpour whilst we were eating.
The 6 Nations match between Ireland and England was on and we stayed for the first half after seeing Ireland grind out a 9-3 lead.
Back on the boat we settled in for the second half, just as the rain pelted down and the wind started blowing - again missed being drenched.
An excellent hard fought match developed with the Irish running out the victors by 19-9.

Nothing beats a day packed full of exhilaration.

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  1. You gotta slow the pace and the excitement... You'll blow a Foo Foo Valve....