Thursday, 22 January 2015

An evening with Jamie?

Wednesday 21st January 2015

It was an experience to savour; an amalgamation of tastes; a chance to be indulged by the famous man himself - Jamie who?

Diane nursed her injuries and stayed out of the
way - enjoying the red wine

No, no, no - not him - it could classically be described as Iron Chef meets Naked Chef - the salmon was the secret ingredient and fortunately for all of us Paul did keep his clothes on or we may have been tripping and stepping over things.

We were kindly invited to dinner with Paul and Elaine - arriving right on time as all guests should do, we were tempted and aroused by the flavours and aromas eminating from the kitchen.
It was nothing to do with the dogs at all.

The great man himself was overly concerned about the cooking - carefully controlling each part of the meal - well at least when he wasn't checking on boat prices on Apollo Duck.

Paul in his working gear

A great culinary discussion going on here
The potatoes were of concern, so a second opinion was sought and then a third - they were fine. Diane was not able to invoke the last resort of going over the road for a portion of chips.

All of the food was excellent and tasted superb.
Dinner - Salmon Wellington and accompanied vegetables

The dessert was a creation from Elaine - a strawberry shortcake with strawberry jus, strawberry and banana pieces and freshly whipped cream.

...and of course dessert

We had a great night and it really was a lovely meal - Paul did a great job with a little help.
Sammie was trying his best doing an impersonation
of baby Oleg the meerket

Not quite sure if a new book is on it's way - maybe a little later in the year in time for Xmas.

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