Sunday, 18 January 2015

White Nancy - where?

Friday 16th January to Sunday 18th January 2015

We have spent a bit of time exploring around Bollington - we have been here a few times previously but not walked around too much, but now with some time on our hands we have an ideal chance to see more of the town.

There were two important events for Friday.

Firstly we had Linda and Richard (nb Mary H) coming to visit - it has been a while since last seeing them both and they are both feeling a lot better than a few weeks earlier when we were to have seen them.
We love their company and especially seeing Muffin as well.
Catching up with the exploits of others is such an enjoyable way to spend time and also finding out what their travel plans are for the coming year.
We enjoyed lunch together and suddenly it was time for them to leave.

Second event  was the Friday happy hour down at The Spinners Arms - Paul and Elaine's local - cannot get much more local than 20 metres from their front door.
It is a very friendly pub with a few little rooms but seemingly plenty of space.
Their friends Andy and Jane were also there; we had met Jane last year and Andy has just become a man of leisure.

As it was a pub with Sky sports, Paul and I spent a little time marking down the games that we absolutely needed to watch - seems that this week there are important games almost everyday - well nothing like supporting local business and getting together to have a chat as well.

Saturday came and we were expecting nb Alton through sometime for a diesel drop but they had been delayed by a damaged bridge up on the Peak Forest canal and would not be here until Saturday evening at the earliest; that meant a chance for Diane to direct me around one of the marked walks of Bollington - information obtained from the Bollington Discovery Centre in Clarence Mill.

One of the highlights was walking across the Bollington railway viaduct - which had it's last train cross in January 1970 and a structure which British Rail wanted to pull down much to the disgust of the locals - eventually it was sold to Bollington Council for ₤1 and has been preserved.

Afternoon tea in Brassington's cafe and return to the boat for a rest before heading off to the pub for the Newcastle v Southampton match with Paul - and a couple of beers each.

Diane was semi-delighted with my return and the portion of chips - I think that she may have wished that I didn't bring the chips, but I have to say that these are probably about the best I have had in England. Certainly not as good as the local fish shop back home, but never-the-less they were very moorish.
Whilst walking back, you could feel the temperature starting to head south and it came as no surprise on Sunday morning that the canal had iced up, but it was a surprise to see the complete blanket of snow all around - and quite deep in places.

The air was still and it felt quite nice outside - not cold as it may have been with a breeze but with proper clothing, coat and gloves, it was enjoyable.
Our first view out the back

nb Alton had advised via Facebook that they were on their way and before long we were top up with diesel - 144 litres managed to fill both tanks and the jerry cans as well - both Brian and Ann-Marie had enjoyed their trip to Australia - of course they would, they went to Melbourne.
Filling the diesel tank - Anne-Marie looking on

With the sun out and a blue sky, everything else completed for the present time, Diane suggested that we should head out and walk up to see the White Nancy. Paul's pictures of the surrounding area from Saturday persuaded us to walk up to there, and the sun and clear views remained until we were about halfway up and suddenly they all disappeared with the cloud and mist that had come out of nowhere.

White Nancy - the inscription we know so well in Australia

The views would surely have been wonderful - if we could
only have seen them

Just how misty it was

Snow Angel !

We were not alone in our journey up the hill - people heading in both directions - the path and steps were getting quite icy, but we made it and were greeted with splendid views of the low clouds.

Not too worry - it was pleasant enough and we decided to head down the hill in the opposite direction; partly along public footpaths and partly along roads, but we arrived back at the boat safe and sound and just as it started snowing again - quite heavy in fact.

We warmed up inside whilst watching the snooker and then lo and behold it was time for another important match down at The Spinners Arms - Paul had already arrived and we saw an entertaining match with Arsenal defeating Man City 2-0.

Quite a bit of exercise for the weekend, but we appear to be getting our walking muscles back in shape - we will need to as when the weather clears we will have another trek back up to White Nancy.

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    1. My apologies Linda - I just had that name in my head when I was writing - all fixed