Thursday, 8 January 2015


Wednesday 7th January 2015

Rain on and off during the day was the weather side of things; the trading boat Que Sera Sera came by and winded and then reversed back through the bridge hole and opened for business just away from the pub.

Howard dropped by, as promised, and we had a little drive into the country, all of the way up to Leek to pick up some diesel - up to 100 litres each and the price was down to 54.9 p/l - well worth the journey, although the drive was lovely in itself - running alongside the Caldon Canal for most of it.

Howard only had time to drop me off before going but we will catch up later in the year.

Whilst we were out Diane decided to make the short walk up to see Que Sera Sera and apparently returned with 2 oatcakes (cheese and bacon) -  I say apparently because by the time that I had returned from the diesel trip, there was no evidence left - just a guilty smile.

Right then, I could do with a spot of morning smoko, so Diane put the kettle on and I also paid then a visit, returning with 2 oatcakes myself - 1 for me and 1 to share (how kind am I?)
And they were very nice too!

We had a message arrive from Richard (nb Pendle Warter) enquiring about mooring spots where we were - replied that we were on our own and asked where he was - eventually found out he was nearing Stoke, so we wandered down the towpath, windlasses in hand and caught up with him approaching Lock 37.

So we locked him through the remaining 4 locks and wandered back to the boat whilst he reversed to the Etruria services and then greeted him as he moored behind us.

Later on as we chatted over a pint, I found out he will be going through Harecastle with us on Friday.
In fact we chatted for over 2 1/2 hours over just a few pints - Diane was feeling a bit tired and had stayed on board.

The weather seems to be such that when we stay inside it is wet; when we venture outside it is dry - that can certainly continue.

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