Saturday, 31 January 2015

Lie in again - what's that all about then?

Saturday 31st January 2015

Tennis day again this morning, but first there was a bit of a lie in - again.

Anyone who knows me will simply attest to my reluctance to stay in bed after waking up - I do not mean that they know first hand seeing me get up early all of the time - only Diane knows that, but she is quite happy to tell all.

Today, however, for the second day in a row I was more than happy to have a cuppa in bed - Diane having the honour of turning provider again.

The reason for such extravagance was quite simple - the Australian Open Women's Final would be telecast and with Diane watching it intently, I could set about taking care of anything I needed to do during that.

I did get a bit of work done, but most will wait until tomorrow - I think that I may have become a bit of slacker.

One other reason for the tardy start to the day was that we had enjoyed a lovely evening last night with Elaine and Paul - first a fine meal at The Church House Inn here in Bollington - very good quality and a fair price - followed by a visit to The Spinners Arms and a cuppa back at their house before heading back to the boat at an unusually late hour for us.

Following the tennis we caught the bus into Macclesfield to wander around and get a few things - certainly managed to spend some more money but picked up some interesting items.

Arriving back to the boat we found that Brian and Anne-Marie (nb Alton - Renaissance Carrying Co.) had been through - we had texted to them that we might be out but could they top up the diesel tank and cans and swap a gas bottle - it was all taken care of, so just had to tidy these few things away and back inside to relax - day over and done and really nothing else to say.

Wish all days were this easy - I fear that there will be a need for a bit more work tomorrow.

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