Monday, 26 January 2015

Australia Day

Monday 26th January 2015

We are both very proud to be Australians, but somewhat annoyed, irritated and downright pissed off that we have to put up with a complete idiot as our PM.

Surely we can pack him off to Noddy Land and he can drive around in a little red car all day long.

Abbott is one half of a comedy team and no-one can really tell if he is the straight man or the funny one - he certainly should be in a STRAIGHT-jacket.

If it wasn't enough that he has reinstituted the awarding of knighthoods - a sign of the institutionalising of the British class system, he then makes a mockery of himself but worse, of the country, by giving one to the Duke of Edinburgh.

It seems that he is prepared to go to any lengths to ingratiate himself to overseas dignitaries but is completely out-of-step with the needs of his own country.

On this our national day, is it now the responsibility of every Australian to give the "mad monk" a giant two-fingered salute and tell him to get stuffed.


  1. I take it that you are not impressed with him !!!!!!!!!

    1. It is not only that I disagree with his politics - if it was just that I could cope with it - part of the democratic process. It really is to do with the manner in which he conducts himself as a leader of a world nation - he has no understanding of the manner in which he should act, the fact that he should lead rather than backflip on issues, the fact that he cannot be trusted to even give a truthful answer.
      Yes, you are right - I am just not impressed with him - I do not suffer fools gladly

  2. In New Zealand we have a similar situation.
    Our current PM re-introduced Knighthoods with indecent haste as soon as he was elected. In NZ one term of PM guarantees a knighthood. I think the reason is because he wants one. This no doubt applies with your PM.
    Don McCoskrie

    1. Hi Don
      I think that you might be right there; to which Pacific nation should we send them - a bit unfair wherever they go