Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Ego - not the only thing bruised!

Monday 19th January to Tuesday 20th January 2015

Monday became our day for getting some of the household jobs completed. Paul had very kindly offered to drive to the services block at the top of Bosley Locks along with a couple of cassettes and the rubbish, so I was able to clear those items away - and indeed they needed cleaning away.
This had involved the hardest of tasks - Paul was up and out of bed before 9am - a massive job in itself.

Whilst we were gallivanting around the snow-covered countryside, Diane took care of the laundry with a visit to the laundromat - just opposite where Elaine and Paul are living, so when we returned after dropping off everything at the boat, the pair of them were sitting drinking hot drinks.

We weren't in a hurry to head back to the boat but we needed to get it all back - Diane wanted to get a few other things done before we headed back down again - this time it was to meet up with Roly and Bev, and there was a surprise for us as well, Joan decided to come with them.

Off to the pub was the solution - and it was after 2pm by now anyway.
I think we have become regulars there, because Claire behind the bar asked Paul and I if we wanted our usual - Bass for him and Guinness for me - she practically had them on the go as soon as we appeared - can't help but go along with that.

Everyone seemed to have a good time and after a couple of rounds of drinks we were back across the road and had something to eat.

It has become quite noticeable lately that the sky is light until much later and the sun, when you can see it, is setting well after 4pm and even after 5pm there is still some light around.

An evening of rest, as we were up a little earlier than usual on Tuesday - well at least Diane was up earlier, for me it was usual.

Elaine had a hospital appointment and we were doggy-sitting, but for Diane it was more like bath-sitting.
She was able to have a long hot bath whilst the resident staff supplied her with coffee and things to eat.
Finally she emerged with a pinkish-hue and very satisfied with herself.

The dogs - Bombo and Samie - were ready for a walk by then, so off we went to follow a section of the Middlewood Way from Bollington northwards.
The Midlewood Way was created along the line of the railwayline that existed prior to 1970 and really is a lovely walk which we will do a bit further at a later stage - for today it was only a mile or so as we sensed that the dogs were getting a bit tired.

Back inside in the warmth, and having dried them both off, they resumed their normal positions - on the couch, on their backs and almost asleep, until there was a rattle on the door and their mum and dad (Elaine and Paul) were home. The dogs were very excited.

A chance for a cuppa and a chat is never lost and so was the case this time as well - there is never a lull in the conversation and even though we see each other every day something is always there to talk about.

On our way back to the boat we were beginning to feel a bit on the weary side - the walking and that long hot bath for Diane was having an effect on us both; venturing over the pedestrian bridge at Clarence Mill, I suddenly slipped on the icy steps, but whilst I remained upright I did however bump into Diane who fell down on her backside rather heavily - not so hard as to break anything - but she did get up gingerly, but was able to get back to the boat unassisted.

Diagnosis - just a bit of bruising around her bum - only hurts when she is sitting or moving.

She has found a comfortable position - lying on her back in bed and not moving- after all these years, if I had only known that this is all that it took!

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