Friday, 30 January 2015

Snowed In

Thursday 29th January to Friday 30th January 2015

The forecasted heavy snow eventuated and it started very early - before 8am and it was coming down and settling.
The temperature overnight had plummeted but inside the boat it was it's usual warm and cosy self.
The result of yesterday's cruising was that we didn't have to go anywhere today as if there was any chance that that was going to happen.
Diane was awake early; wanting coffee - appease the woman, I say - and coffee was delivered.
There was some noise about 8am as she arose from the bed - heading towards the lounge and the TV - her means of getting the tennis fix that she craves at this time of the year.
And so it was - focussed interest on the Murray v Berdych match but every 45minutes it seemed that the signal went a bit haywire - connections all checked; then "could you go and check on the aerial please dear?"
So out I went - but getting out of the back door was a bit more difficult - the wind had been piling the snow up against it, but with just a modicum of effort it soon moved - cleaned the white stuff off the top of the aerial and the picture magically reappeared.

Even when the snow was coming down quite heavily there seemed to be plenty of people out walking - most with dogs - without the wind it was quite nice - even better being on the inside looking out.
through the window - snowflakes included

There was only the one boat moving today, that we saw and the couple on the back looked quite cold with their snow-topped hats and coats.
Come to think of it the ducks looked exactly the same.

As for us, Diane watch the end of the tennis whilst I continued to work and clear the aerial; we then just decided that it was much more pleasant inside the boat and didn't poke our heads outside until later in the day when some burly bloke started rocking the boat - his gangster moll was there as well with back-up and canine protection.
Of course that was Paul, Elaine and Trevor along with Bombo and Sammie - they were all out for a walk - Paul enjoying the rest after his day of playing in the snow with the cars on the road - look here the manly ferry

Friday morning came and we noticed that the snow had come overnight as the towpath had a fresh blanket covering it only disturbed by a single set of footprints.
It was also a day off from work, thanks to being able to reassign last Monday's Australia Day holiday to today.
So it was a bit of a lie in with a cuppa in bed and the iPlayer catching up on some missed shows; just simply reading by the fire - managed to finish Dickie Bird's autobiography - a nice read with some amusing anecdotes; then lunch out; and more relaxation - seems a bit like the thing to do in a few years time - on a more regular basis.
As with yesterday there was a little bit of a problem getting out of the back door with snow piled up against it, but nothing insurmountable.

The canal has a thin layer of ice over - not much at all, but it is significant with very cold nights here for a few more days yet.

Tonight we are off out for dinner with Paul and Elaine to try one of the local eateries and very much looking forward to a quiet time with just the four of us - and maybe a walk back to the boat in the snow - who know's - we maybe snowed out!

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