Saturday, 24 January 2015

Diane not here!

Thursday 22nd January to Friday 23rd January 2015

Diane decided that she had enough of the boat and has left me on the boat on my own and headed south to be with family - well not really - she has had to go down to Watford for her medical assessment and the timing of the appointment and the train timetables meant that it was best to leave on Thursday and come back on Saturday.

Of course that therefore gives me plenty of time to complete all of the jobs on the list that she has left for me.

Paul was very kind and offered to drive Diane into Macclesfield for her train - and I went along to make sure that she went - and then returned so that I could get some work done.

She arrived safe and sound.

It was convenient timing as well, the engine oil needed changing so that could get done easily and I could leave the engine bay open for quite a while without any risk of someone falling in either getting off or on the boat.
Anyway it is all finished and being a Friday is was time for a beer or two, so off down to The Spinners Arms - a knock on the door across the road to see if Paul could come out  to play.

Just a couple, which still took us a while to get through - the pub was busier than I had seen before, but the music was quite loud which made it a bit difficult to hear.

Back across the road to see Elaine and the dogs before heading back to the boat - 

Yep - they were both fine when I left

Only one more sleep until Diane was back on Saturday - but enough time to make sure that I have tidied everything up; that the dishes are all done; and the bed is made.

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