Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Something , sometimes nothing, always happening

Monday 5th January to Tuesday 6th January 2015

I have probably said this before and no doubt I will at some stage in the future say it again, but we do find a great deal to like about mooring in and visiting Stoke.

Maybe it is because we both have an affinity with the type of area encompassed by the six towns; maybe because we have an affinity with the people who live and work here - good, honest and hard working; maybe it is just because we can get the things that we prefer - whatever it is Stoke does hold some affection with us and we will continue to stay here in the future - whenever we are back.

For the present time we will have another 2 days here before we leave.

So what else have we been up to after our theatre outing - Well not a lot.

Sometimes the more mundane things in life are all that happen, which was typical of the day for Monday; and then sometimes we have another really great night which is what can be said of Monday night.

Monday (day time) really consisted of getting some work done and then crossing out things on Diane'sshopping list as we walked up into the town.

Monday (evening) - well, that was different. Howard had invited us for dinner and was as punctual as ever - coming down to pick us up and drive us to his house. We were very pleased to see that Janet was much better than the last time we were in Stoke.
Not knowing all of the areas well enough, we can say that their house has been transformed into a charming and delightful home - well suited for 2 people or more.

We had a wonderful night with both of them - as we really do enjoy their company and love to tease Howard but also respect him very much.
The meal was simply superb from the starter, through the chicken curry main to the frangipane tart and cheese platter.

Being the perfect host, Howard made sure that he was in a fit state to drive us back, even if the rest of us probably wouldn't be allowed to drive.

Tuesday started in a bit of a dismal way with cloudy skies and showers, but nothing more than what had been predicted - damn those weather forecasters - can't they decide on having the rain only overnight. We had planned on moving to water-up and then move up to Festival Park, and had to do so in the rain - fortunately it wasn't too heavy.

Two boats were moored outside the carvery, in such a way that it meant another boat would not fit in - so we moored on the other side of the bridge hole and then ventured forth for the supermarket shopping - and also a bit of a wander around Halford's.

Upon our return to the boat, we were greeted with Roly's presence and sparkling smile - what a great surprise; Bev was with him also so it was double pleasure - they had been to sort out about their boat being painted and decided to drop in to see us, so we headed into the pub for a tea (or coffee).
Being a fasting day for us we had to resist the smells of the carvery and luckily for us so did Bev and Roly.
Great things happen when you least expect it and it was a very lovely greeting.
After we waved them goodbye, we didn't make it back to the boat, but we did make it back for a late roast lunch - but only a small one - Diane only returned the once for more potatoes, whilst I did not move from my seat - alright she brought me back some as well.

The rest of the day was devoted to filling diesel tanks from our supplies in cans; we also meet up with a chap, whose face was familiar but without a name that I could remember - we met at Fradley Jcn when he greeted me with "Hello Ray, how are you?" - I have just looked back through the blog and found out - Paul from nb Just the Job on 8th April last year.
After that we simply lazed out in front of the stove and rested.

That was about it - but it is never quiet and never ever boring.

1 mile
YTD: 11 Miles, 12 Locks
Totals: 2905 Miles, 2133 Locks, 98 Tunnels, 34 Lift Bridges, 151 Swing Bridges


  1. I don't know what you are paying for diesel in a can but up at Longport Wharf it was 70p/Lt when we were there if you bought 100 Lt

    1. Diane purchased 60 litres in cans from Aston Marina at 70.35 p/l (any volume) - Andy from Festina Lente drove her down to there to keep the cans topped up, but we believe that there is a source where the price is less than 60p/l (maximum of 100 litres) - will be checking it out today