Sunday, 4 January 2015


Tuesday 30th December 2014 to Friday 2nd January 2015

Apparently there have been other things happening whilst Gordon and I were on our expedition.

Both Gordon and I would however like to thank everyone who sent through comments about the journey; for us it was only ever about getting Winton's Folly to Aston Marina for Carol and Barry - our journey was much easier than the one that they are facing.

Back to other things....

There was a need for Diane to move Ferndale from the moorings above Star Lock where she had been for an extended time - with the  permission of CRT, so on Friday Diane with the help of Sharon and Richard from nb OakApple moved to mooring opposite Roger Fuller's yard.

There was a little matter of some type of get together at The RoyalExchange on Wednesday evening which apparently went through into the small hours of Thursday morning.

Diane needed to get more diesel for the Reflecs stove and with the help of Andy (Festina Lente) she brought back 60 litres.

Andy and Sue flew out of Heathrow for a 6 week visit to Australia and I believe also to New Zealand. I am under the impression that it may be a thing about sheep - didn't know that either of them were Welsh - sorry Roly, I mean Scottish.

So we won't see them until England are well and truly out of the running for the 6-nations.

Despite what happens, life goes on and we must embrace the positive and negatives of what goes on around us as well as what happens to us.

Do what we can to help and steer away from what does not.

All of us truly wish the very best for Barry in his fight; we are ever-present to help Carol in whatever way we can; we still need to live each day with a positive outlook and plan for the next day and the one after that.

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